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Worx WX176L 2-In-1 Switch Drill & Driver – The Best Cordless Drill Review


Worx WX176L 2-In-1 Switch Drill & Driver

Worx WX176L 2-In-1 Switch Drill & Driver is a versatile power tool that acts as both drilling and driving power device. It has received rave reviews online with an impressive rating star of 4.8. I am writing this Worx Drill Driver review to provide you with some beneficial information, hoping to be able to help you to make a decision of whether to purchase it or otherwise. With an excellent construction and powerful drilling and driving performance, I believe that this drill driver is best cordless drill tool for you to use for your woodworking or home remodelling projects.

Design and Features

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Worx WX176L is a compact handheld drill driver that fits well in your hand. It has a dimension of 9 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches and should be able to fit well into your storage cabinet. Design wise, the body of this device is very solid and features a high-quality build. It looks quite stylish and exclusive with the dark grey and orange body cover, manly enough to attract the attention of professional contractors and DIY lovers. It boasts highly durable plastic casing and steel materials that can last for a very long time. Plus, the device is also lightweight at 4.8 pounds. It should not cause fatigue to your hands and is highly suitable for both horizontal and vertical drilling jobs. The tool makes use of a finger trigger to run. There is a variable speed switch that you can toggle to adjust the spinning rate. At the bottom of the unit, you will find a rotary button to control the torque setting.Worx WX176L 2-In-1 Switch Drill & Driver 2 You can use the low speed for a small drilling job and apply the maximum speed of 12 to perform arduous drilling task in a quick manner. The proprietary electronic technology helps to ensure a smooth operation of the drilling and driving. It is an important feature to have as it prevents damage to the screws and your workpiece.

Another neat aspect of this tool that you can truly appreciate is the wireless feature. This cordless drill driver makes use of two Lithium-Ion 20V batteries. On a full charge and when used continuously without a stop, the battery can last up to a full two hours. Indeed, I feel like it is a reliable power tool to have if you need a powerful one that can finish drilling and driving job in a short time. With the 2-in-1 status, you can use this WX176L to perform both drilling and driving without changing any tool and bits. The drill features two quarter-inch clips. You can easily rotate the front part of the drill to change the drill and driver. All you need to do is to press the switch button on the body to rotate the head up to 180 degrees. Just like other latest models, this particular drill also comes with a built-in LED bulb to help you drill and drive in a dim lit room with ease


  • Weight of 4.8 pounds
  • 2-speed controls
  • 12 torques settings
  • Requires two 20V MaxLithium batteries
  • Brushless motor
  • Dual quarter-inch chuck for drill and drive bits
  • Head deck is rotatable up to 180 degrees

Design Quality

Worx WX176L 2-In-1 Switch Drill & Driver 3

When it comes to the design, many users loved the excellent ergonomic casing and the high-quality materials. It does not look cheap at all. It is very well-built and looks expensive and high-end. Plus, most of the users also loved the fact that the drill is so light. It did not put any burden on their hands, and they could operate it single-handedly without much problem. With the use of the batteries, this drill driver is very easy to use. The cordless feature gives you high flexibility in your movement as there is no wire to distract or tangle you as you work on your project. The charging time of the battery might be a bit long (five hours) but if you are to work on a long project, you might be better off with backup batteries by your side to finish your job promptly.

Drilling and Screw Driving Performance

Worx WX176L 2-In-1 Switch Drill & Driver 4

Most of the users loved the reliability and versatility of the Worx drill device. They appreciate the quick switch between drilling and screw driving supplied by the rotatable head. The clever design has helped to save lots of times and speed up the progress of their projects. With this tool, you can quickly drill holes into your wall or any types of materials and drive in screws within seconds. Furthermore, the tool has a soft startup and does not jerk up when turned on. It is a great functionality to have as it protects the wood or wall from unnecessary holes or gouges often caused by a rough startup.

When you press the switch button, you can feel the power of the motor. It might be small, but the spinning rate is similar to other professional-grade drill drivers. It can drill soft and hard walls without any difficulty, thanks to the brushless motor. With this type of motor, the device can provide high torque, lower noise and does not wear out easily. It can reach up to the ideal speed of 1500 rpm. You can use this device to drill up to one inch in wood pieces and ⅜ inches in metal sheets.

Room for Improvements

Some of the users have also left some constructive feedbacks regarding this drill driver. To increase the versatility value further, the manufacturer should consider making the drill bits to comply with a standard measurement. As of now, the drill only accepts 1/4 inches hex-shaped bits. You cannot use any standard drill bits with this device. It is something that you need to consider if you are thinking of purchasing this cordless drill driver and planning to use it with your existing drill bits – they might not fit into the chuck. Once hooked, the bits stay firmly in the chuck without fumbling or wobbling.


As a summary in this cordless drill reviews, this WORX WX176L is a favorite 2-in-1 power tool for many handymen and weekend warriors. They loved the genius drill-drive designs and the solid build of the device. If you are looking to have a versatile, single tool for you to use for your home or professional projects this weekend, this is one of the great options available on the market worthy for you to consider.

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