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Types Of Weed Grinders and How to Use It in 2016


Types Of Weed GrindersBefore grinding weeds, it is essential to understand the type of weed grinder one may require as there are various classifications available across several types of grinders. Normally these are cylindrical devices that are used to shred weeds. But it is important to inspect the material quality before getting such an item and it is also important to get the perfect type. Generally, aluminum is used to make these grinders; but then again the quality of aluminum may not be the same in all of them. Moreover, one may need to figure out the features they would require for their grinders before making a purchase. Grinders can have clear sides for the user to watch out how far the grinding went; some have magnetic lids to help stop splattering.  There are still others which have better and sharper teeth for precise grinding. Such features come very handy while grinding and that is why it is necessary to choose the right type of grinder to ensure a better result. The following varieties comprise some of the best weed grinders available on the market.

1. Space CaseSpace Case

Probably the most well-known grinders of all time, Space Case grinders are without any doubt worth every penny spent on them. Space Case grinders are expensive due to their material quality and features. These are the highest quality grinders available in the market. The grinder is built with high-quality aerospace aluminum alloy, and to further enhance its durability, a special coat of titanium is applied. For precise grinding, it has sharp teeth and a Teflon O-ring to reduce friction on the metal during operation and it also features a magnetic lid to stop the probable spilling of buds. For precise, safe and better grinding, space cases are easily the best.

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2. Cosmic Case

Cosmic CaseAnother great option for grinding weeds is probably the Cosmic Case grinder. These grinders are not only packed with requisite features but also crafted in style. These cool looking grinders contain precision razor teeth which allow grinding even the stickiest buds without any hassle. Aluminum alloy makes it incredibly durable and adds strength to its built quality. Apart from its sharp teeth and lasting built quality, these cases feature Delrin plastic glide ring which makes grinding easier than ever. The neodymium magnets used for lid makes the case easier to carry around in your pocket and you will not have to worry about the contents being spilled inside.

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3. Kannastor

KannastorKannastor provides cool grinders which make grinding much easier compared to most grinders out there. These are very good choices for weed grinding. These grinders are very efficient and easy to maintain. It flaunts cool features that make it not only attracting but also very useful despite lacking in color options. The clear tops and sides allow you to see how much herb is left. Having clear sides, it is essential to protect the kief screen from damage and thus a screen guard is provided to make it last longer. The smooth cutting blades are capable of shredding herbs with ease and its drop-thru-hole design makes the grinding process easier. Apart from that, the screen is removable which makes it easier to cleanse and replace.

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4. SharpStoneSharpStone

Grinding herbs are not easy if proper tools are not present. That is why SharpStone brings you quality and affordability together. It is without any doubt one of the best value herb grinders present in the market. The grinders are made using aircraft-grade aluminum which makes the grinder durable enough for long term use. The stainless steel pollen screens add up to its durability and above that, the grinders feature neodymium magnetic lids. The smooth finish of the grinder makes it easier to maintain and you can also choose from various colors available for this little tool. But with regular use, the grinders may start to get blunt after a few years and thus may not be able to make for a perfect grind. But, nonetheless, it is bang for bucks!

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5. Cali Crusher

Cali CrusherIf you are looking for affordable herb grinders, Cali Crusher offers you one. These grinders are not only capable of thorough grinding but also stylish and low in price. These stylish and designer grinders come in different colors, sizes, and features. Despite being cheap, the material used to make this tool is strong enough to give it a longer span. Like most other herb grinders, these are also made from aluminum. The product is extremely light but durable. It is also featured with a clear top which makes these grinders even cooler. The adamant- looking teeth are strong enough to shred herbs effortlessly and the pollen is then collected from its micron screens. These inexpensive, quality products are great tools for weed grinding.

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How to Clean the Weed Grinders and How to Collect Kief?

Using these grinders is not really difficult, but make sure to clean the product the first time you use it. To clean it properly for the first time, separate all the 4 pieces. You can also use a small plastic bristle paint brush to perfectly clean it. Use a little isopropyl alcohol to wipe the grinder. Once you are done, you are ready to go.

To use these grinders, fill the upper chamber with buds. Then repeatedly turn the grinder to use the sharp teeth present in the upper chamber of the grinder. If properly ground, the buds will shred and will fall into the middle chamber. With the availability of screen in the middle chamber, the kief will pass through it and fall into the kief catcher in the bottom of the grinder. Once you have used the grinders to grind the weed, you will need to properly collect the kief. These grinders come with a special chamber in its lower portion which collects the kief. Use a paper spread to collect the kief by tapping the grinder. You can also store the grinder in a fridge for a few minutes to help you collect the kief more efficiently.

Although it is not essential to clean the grinders after every use, one needs to clean it at regular intervals especially in the event of heavy usage. Take a glass container and fill it with enough alcohol to drown the largest part of the grinder. Now fully disassemble the grinder; take each piece and soak each grinder tier giving it a gentle shake and stir. Once all the tiers have been cleaned, the glass container will be filled with a soiled, green solution. Now pour it into a glass dish. Once the alcohol fully evaporates, you may salvage some kief. This way you can both cleanse the grinder and collect the leftover kief.

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