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Are you searching for the best measuring tape for your in-house renovation operation? We have done the difficult job of research and testing for you, and we have come up with a few top selections. There are three tape measures you can consider, and we found that out of those three tapes, Stanley PowerLock is the best tape measure worthy of your consideration. It has a strong casing, metric tape measure, the blade is easy to extract and retract, and the lever locking mechanism is smooth. There are also two other measuring tapes that you can consider for both construction work as well as at-home work. They are Milwaukee Electric Tool and Komelon Power Tape. The price is affordable, and they can cater to any standard measuring job at a precise measurement.

How do We Pick?

With all the important factors above in mind, we then went ahead and selected a handful tape measure product.  We looked for the specs details, read what others have got to say about them and made the judgement based on those research inputs as well as our personal experience handling measuring tapes. When making our selection, we pick the ones that can fulfill the criteria we set and can offer a bargained price for both professional contractors as well as average at-home users. We conclude that a great measure tape should be durable for both blade and casing, should have the optimum hook size for ease of use, has a smooth lever locking mechanism, and provides high measuring accuracy with a minimal error margin.

Stanley 33-245 Powerlock Measuring Tape

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There are several striking factors that made us choose Stanley Powerlock as the best measure tape. Another winning feature of Stanley 33-245 Powerlock measuring tape is the slim and solid blade. It has quite a good stand-out at eight feet. The 25-foot blade is easy to expand and can lay flat for a quick measurement process. We noticed that the string feature assists the retraction quite impressively. It does not retract the blade in too fast or too slow.

Stanley Powerlock combo

As far as the accuracy is concerned, you can expect the Powerlock tape to provide a precise reading. The reading is in inches. There is no metrics reading on this Stanley measure tape. You can select our budget pick if you wish to have a metric reading scale. If there is one thing that we wish the tape to have is a sharp and easy-to-read print. We noticed that the print on the blade could be quite blurry. Plus, the line marking could have been sharper. It appears fuzzy and we afraid that through time, the print can wear off. However, it does not mean that you cannot read the measurement at all. You can still get the accurate reading. The thumb-operated lever is also efficient. It does not take much effort to lock the blade, and it does not slip off once locked. Overall, Stanley Powerlock measuring tape is very durable, accurate, light, and easy to use. At a price of about $15, it is also highly affordable.

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Milwaukee Electric Tool Magnet Tape Measure

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Milwaukee has several extra offerings that Stanley Powerlock does not offer. It is a professional-grade measuring tape that suits well to the highly demand job in a construction site. It has a top-notch durability thanks to the tough casing and nylon blade. The blade can extend up to 16 feet, and the fact that it comes with a magnetic tip makes it an ideal tape for those who work with metals and steel. The hook has multiple magnets – at the bottom and the end of the tip. You can hold the blade against any metal surface without having to hook it. Plus, the bottom magnetic tip ensures that the blade remains steady and firm to the metal edge when hooked.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Magnet Tape Measure in live

Another great feature of Milwaukee Electric Tool Magnet Tape Measure is the excellent locking mechanism. The thumb lever sits at a right place, and you can easily use your thumb to operate the blade. The stand-out of this measuring tape is also excellent. You can extend the blade out up to nine feet, and it remains stable even when unsupported. Plus, you will also love the belt clip. It hooks easily onto your belt, and you can carry it around without much effort due to its light weight. Overall, the Milwaukee measure tape offers many superior features that make the measuring process quick and smooth. Plus, you can even use the magnetic tip to pick up fallen screw without having to bend down to pick it up yourself! At a price about $18, it is one of the top options out there.

Komelon 49121M Scale Power Tape

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You might think that a cheap measure tape will not last long. However, Komelon 49121M Scale Power Tape is about to prove that wrong. It only costs about $10, but the features do not indicate the price at all. The measuring tape is quite sturdy. It has a great quality feel to it. It can do the measuring job just as good as other mid-range measure tapes. The casing is ergonomic and durable with the chrome material. The case might be of a plastic material, but it can resist any strong impact when dropped on the ground. The blade locking mechanism is also smooth. It does not get stuck over time. You can expand and retract the blade without any problem.

The nylon coated blade is also solid. It has an average stand-out at five feet. It is a perfect measuring tape for those who wish to have both the inches and metric scale. The print and marking line of the blade is very vivid and easy to read. It is, indeed, a great choice for beginners as well as professionals who want to have a simple but reliable measure tape.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

There you go! Consider the best tape measure above and see how easy it is to use them. They are easily available online at Amazon.com and offer quite an irresistible price that is hard for you to ignore. You should trust our reviews on these three tapes because we have done a comprehensive research and looked for the latest updates on these tapes. Plus, there are also many users out there who have been using these tapes and shared their opinion regarding these products. For a more thorough assessment, we took their thoughts into our consideration as well. There is no bias or favor. We pick the one that can truly serve your needs during your renovation or construction endeavour.

Things to Consider

When buying a measuring tape, there are several important things that you should consider. These factors ensure that the tape can last for a long time, can do the measuring job accurately, and make the handling process easy and breeze. After making extensive research and based on our experience with dozens of measure tapes, we firmly believe that below are some of the key factors that can make a measuring tape a good one.

  • Durability – The durability factor is especially important for the professionals since working at a job site can involve small particles, dirt, dust, and debris. A good measuring tape should be able to survive these common materials at a construction or a renovation site. They can get into the interior of the tape and grind against the blade when you expand or retract it. Eventually, the blade will get worn off, and you will be on another measure-tape hunting. Buying a durable one will avoid you from this unnecessary scenario. Plus, a durable tape measure should also be able to survive a high fall. Professional-grade measuring tapes should be able to survive between 10 to 20 feet fall on a hard asphalt or concrete.
  • Accuracy – Some top-performing measuring tapes such as Stanley Powerlock, Milwaukee, and Komelon can provide accurate measuring. They normally come in inches measurement, but you can still find the one that offers a metric reading. It all boils down to your needs. Plus, there are also tapes that have sharp and vivid marking lines for easy reading.
  • Ease of Use – A good tape should have a good tang. The tang should be solid and rightly riveted. You should be able to move it and hook it over the edge of something without much effort. Having a too big of a tip can also be cumbersome as they hook easily to things, even when you do not want it to hook. A tiny tip can also be difficult to maneuver. There are also some tapes with tips that come with a magnetic feature. However, do you need it? It sticks to everything and attracts lots of metal debris. Cleaning it will not be easy. On a positive side, the magnetic tip hooks well to metal or steel materials.
  • Long stand-out – One of the keys of a good measure tape is a solid and strong blade when extended. A stand-out refers to the ability of the blade to extend firmly unsupported. The blade should have a width of more than an inch to have an excellent stand-out. A good stand-out would be from seven to eight feet. It is a sufficient stand-out length for at-home use. Buying a wrong one can make it difficult to handle the tape. Some can be too fragile or flimsy that it breaks downward at only five feet.