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Review: Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier


Water Purification is a very delicate process. In this process purifiers removes harmful chemicals, other foreign bodies, and other pollutant materials; solid or gas from the contaminated water and makes it drinkable.

Original Xiaomi Mi Water PurifierWater-borne diseases are one of the biggest concerns all over the world. In 2007, World Health Organization released a report which showed that over 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water source. Per year over 4 billion cases of diarrheal disease are found all over the world among them 88% is due to the drinking of polluted drinking water, over 1.8 billion people every year due to the same reason.  That goes to show how important water purifiers are in our day to day lives.

Water purifiers are now a very common thing. It is literally a must commodity in any household now. And thanks to its huge demand there are a lot of purifiers circling around in the market. Nowadays water purifiers are much more advanced thanks to various technological advancements. These days it is not that easy to find a good water purifier in the market, as a variety of companies are bringing their new inventions to the table every week making it very difficult to choose a good one. The purifier we are discussing below is one of the best in the market right now.

Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier - WHITE -Large 400 Gallon Flow RO Purified Water 1

Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

The qualities of drinking water are set by the government or just followed in accordance to the international standards. These standards dictate the maximum and minimum amount of pollutants in the water and also depending on the usage of the water. This excellent water purifier by Xiaomi follows the international standards. It is big in size.

The carrying capacity is huge. Like all the other water purifiers it has filters, but instead of one or two it has four different types of filters. It comes with a one of a kind cotton filter. There are two activated coconut carbon filters and a unique RO membrane for enhanced filtration. 

The work of the first filter is to get rid of sediments and other polluted materials from the water, the coloration is removed by the carbon filters, and it also removes bad smell and improves the taste of the water. The last RO layer eliminates dangerous microorganisms, hard pollutant materials, and other organic matters.

Generally, the Xiaomi purifiers have a shorter life span or sometimes they tend to run a bit longer than the others but in this purifier you will find a high flow booster, its job is to stabilize the flow of water. Most importantly it enhances the life of the purifier. The capacity of this water purifier is commendable, the purifier can purify 400 gallons of water per day but it is surprising that the size of the whole thing is not that huge. The base portion of the MI water purifier is smaller than an A4 page. The dimension of the purifier is close to about 205 x 260 x 410 mm. The fresh water production rate of is amazing as well.

The purifier can produce 1 liter of water per minute with 1:1 ultra high water production rate, and it goes up to 400 gallons of water every day. The device is manufactured with the help of Yumi Technology. The Mi purifier also has a Reserve Osmosis or RO that comes with a TDS value which is below 100 to purify water.

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This is an extremely good water purifier that comes with some extraordinary features which are discussed below…

  • The dimension of the purifier is 205 x 260 x 410 mm. This is something very useful. It can be easily tucked in some tight places without any issues of installation.
  • It is convenient in size.  The base area of the device is smaller than an A4 page that shows how compact it is owing to various advantages.
  • The purifier has 4 filters to get rid of any and every pollutant materials found in the water so that you can drink it safely.
  • The device is fitted with a high flow booster pump so that you can get a stabilized flow of water every time you use it. This booster also makes the whole purifier durable. The high flow booster increases the lifespan of the device to a great extent.
  • The purifier is capable of producing 1 liter of purified water per minute. This proves its efficiency.
  • The device can produce up to 400 gallons of fresh water every day.
  • The purifier is designed with Yumi Technology and also has a Reserve Osmosis system which increases the efficiency by leaps and bounds.
  • The device looks very stylish as well. The design is very attractive. There are very few water purifiers that look so desirable and work so beautifully.


The purifier also comes with some unwanted features. Though the cons are outnumbered by pros but every device is not perfect. It comes with certain disadvantages. For this device, they are as follows:

  • As a purifier the price of this device is pretty high.
  • The weight of the device is 31.7 pounds, which is considered quite a weight for a water purifier.

Original Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier - WHITE -Large 400 Gallon Flow RO Purified Water


As far as my opinion goes this is a premium quality water purifier that is specifically designed to keep you safe from water borne diseases by eliminating any foreign materials found in the water.  That includes any biological materials, pollutants, and chemicals. It even removes the smell improving the taste of the water as well. The booster flow technology is a great addition to this product.

It not only works effectively but also saves time. All in all, it is a great purifier offering superb features and most importantly safety. The weight of the device is an issue but it is not something of a deal breaker. Xiaomi balanced the whole thing with compact dimensions. It does cost a bit high but if you look into its pros, it is well worth the money. And when your health is in concern, it definitely comes first.