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How to Clean an Oven with Baking Soda and Vinegar


How to Clean an Oven with Baking Soda and Vinegar

The oven is one of the most vital accessories of the kitchen, and maintaining it is important for its overall smooth functioning. The more you neglect and delay the cleaning of your oven, the more difficulty you can face in its scrubbing and washing, when you do attempt to do it altogether.

For the cleanup of the oven, there is a wide array of natural and artificial products in the market. You can choose to buy some awfully harsh chemicals, which can corrode through any residual debris, nevertheless the fumes are tough enough for signing off the user’s eyebrows.

Heavy duty substance cleaners will undoubtedly get the filth out of the oven, although they also have a propensity for really stinking up the oven, which spreads all the way through an entire apartment if you are in a diminutive space. The associated dizziness is doubtless not worth it too.

A few tough chemical cleaners allege that you can cleanup your oven devoid of scrubbing. However, there are 2 major issues with that:

These chemicals do not regularly work. The reviewers often debate whether the scrubbing was obligatory. A few individuals experienced a somewhat baffling oven cleaning output, but others certainly did not find such luck and ultimately had to take to the old-fashioned physical labor for getting their ovens cleaned.

Although the oven cleaning chemicals do produce results, they seem like a risk worth taking in my case. Like me, many others also definitely do not want to fill their kitchens with chemicals and fumes, then put their heads inside the given oven, and inhale a concentrated dose. This can be extremely harmful even with or without a proper gas mask. If you need to scrub regardless, you may as well bring a strictly natural cleaner into play instead of exposing yourself and your family to a great deal of dangerous chemicals.

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In its place, you can attempt to clean the oven naturally by means of a small amount of baking soda, vinegar, along with good old elbow grease. Follow the quick steps below to learn how I had successfully cleaned my own oven without use of chemicals:

What You Will Need:

  • Silicone or plastic spatula
  • Water
  • Soggy dish cloth
  • Rubber gloves
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Spray bottle

A. Coating Your Oven

Step 1: Start by taking out your oven racks. You must also eliminate anything else inside your oven, like oven thermometers. Make certain that you have not left anything inside the oven prior to beginning the cleanup.

Step 2: Dig out the movable build-ups. There could be burnt food particles remaining in the oven. Remove as many of the wobbly build-ups ahead of applying the baking soda. Employ the silicone or plastic spatula for scraping off the loose-fitting matter. Simply take out what is already movable or nearly loose.

Step 3: Make a paste with water and baking soda and mix half cup of baking soda (170 g) with three tablespoons of water (14.8 ml) in a tiny bowl. Blend the mixture till it becomes a paste, which can be spread easily. Regulate the water amount used if three tablespoons doesn’t generate a spreadable paste.

Step 4: Spread the blended paste inside the oven. The paste can be spread by hand when you are wearing rubber gloves. If this does not seem effective in your case, you can spread this paste by means of a clean spatula. Then coat the inner side of your oven with this paste. Remember not to apply this paste to the oven’s heating elements. Also, it is okay when the paste turns into a brownish color or is full of chunks in particular regions of your oven.

B. Wiping the Oven Clean

Step 1: You must leave this paste on for the night, as it performs best when you let it sit all night or for at least twelve hours. If you do not hold so much time, then you can let this paste sit in for 40 minutes. However, if you allow the paste to sit only for a short while, you need to repeat the procedure for a deep cleanup.

Step 2: Wipe away the baking soda mix. Employ a soggy dish cloth for wiping off the paste following it sitting period. Apply warm water for dampening the dish cloth. You may need to scrub firmly for getting most of this paste off.

Step 3: Grate off the remaining paste. There may be trouble faced in getting off the entire paste with a moist cloth. If that is the case, utilize a spatula for getting the remaining paste off your oven. There could be a little leftover residue, except that is okay as you will be using vinegar next for removing it.

C. Finishing with Vinegar

Step 1: Squirt vinegar inside the oven using the spray bottle. Decant white vinegar into your spray bottle and spray it over the spots where deposit stays put from the previous paste. The white vinegar will make baking soda foam up.

Step 2: Wipe the oven once more. Employ the soggy cloth for wiping off the foam-covered regions of your oven. In case the residue stays behind, use extra vinegar and wipe again. Maintain thorough wiping till the oven is really clean.

Step 3: Rub the oven racks and sprinkle the baking soda on these racks. Then, spray or pour the white vinegar onto these racks. Now, the baking soda must start to foam. On starting, submerge these oven racks into a bucket of hot water and let the racks sit inside the hot water for the night.

Step 4: Now replace your oven racks. After you have finished the cleanup, place back the oven racks into your oven. Also, you can place other things that you have taken out from the oven. The oven is now ready for your desired use.

The following are a few more natural processes that you can try and use for keeping your oven clean:

1. Bicarbonate Soda technique: Start by gently heating the oven and allowing it to cool down. Once the oven has been warm enough, add adequate water to a bowl of bicarbonate soda for making a thin paste. Then, apply this paste lightly on the walls of the oven, avoiding delicate elements.

Put some white vinegar in the spray bottle and squirt the bicarbonate soda on your oven walls.  Let this mixture sit in for a couple of hours and allow it to do its thing. Then, take the damp cloth and wipe off the mixture gently. The bicarbonate soda would break down the grime and grease, thus making it easy for removal.

2. Hot Water Bowl technique: Making use of steam for cleaning the oven is even simpler than the previous method. This is apt for a fairly clean oven and not for those having ultra grease that would require the use of stronger products. Put a big, oven-proof container filled with water into the oven on its lowest rack.

Now, turn your oven on the maximum setting and set it to bake for 20 to 30 minutes. Let the oven cool without opening its door. Then, wipe down the oven using a soggy cloth. The built-up steam would go on to loosen grime particles and all can be easily wiped off.

3. The Gumption technique: The most excellent way for keeping the oven racks extremely shiny is by using Gumption. This stuff is loved by most people as it can clean pretty much anything. It makes use of a unique soap formulation, which breaks down the grime and removes dirt spots gently for a methodical cleanup and a gleaming finish.

Simply add a little Gumption to a soggy sponge or cloth, then wipe it around the entire oven gently, focusing on the baked up grease. You can get one a clean moist cloth or sponge and wipe off all the Gumption residue and grease particles.

Tips for Keeping the Oven in top condition

Put a big baking saucer on the rack underneath whatsoever you are trying to cook. Doing this, will catch the surplus overflows, which can simply be popped afterwards in the dishwasher. In case the given oven racks fits into any stainless dishwasher, then pop them into its hottest setting. 

The following suds and heat will clean any spots or grime.  In case the oven racks are extremely stained, there can be a need to do the cleanup two times. Keep the outer surfaces of the oven looking spotless by investing in good quality micro fiber cloths.

Bottom Line

All in all, you have a wide array of good and natural options at your fingertips, instead of using all the artificial cleaning products, which does more harm than do good. Use these tips and steps for keeping your dear oven in top condition at all times. By using these simple hacks, your oven can look brand new every time.