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Best Wrist Wraps for Exercise Guide in 2016


Wrist Wrap by TerriFitDuring extensive workouts and weightlifting exercise, it is very easy to hurt our hands and wrists. Wrist wraps are some of the best inventions out there that gives you the much-needed protection for your hands. In this article, I will guide you in finding the best wrist wraps on the market. They are not that expensive and yet can deliver the support that your might require while doing pushups, squats, snatches or even, kickboxing.

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Why Should You Purchase Wrist Wraps?

One of the most common injuries that usually happen in the gym or during workout sessions is the wrist injuries. It is the most fragile joints on your body. The irony is that it is also one of the most important joints that you need during exercises. Crossfit, aerobics, weightlifting and kickboxing makes use of the movements of your wrists to move around and sweat. Therefore, it is only clever of you to protect this part of your body to ensure that you can continue working out without any pains or discomfort. If you wonder how you can protect it from injuries, wonder no more as in this review, I will share with you some of the best wrist wraps out there that you can wear with confidence. These products have a careful design that is ideal for all types of active folks – Crossfit followers, bodybuilder as well as kickboxers. It is a perfect accessory to have in your gym bag, and you can always put it on before starting your exercise routines.

The Best Protection for Your Wrists

So, how does this exercise accessory function? Well, it is a simple fabric that comes with additional hooks and loops. It usually comes in a standard size of 18 inches, but there are also several other size options that you can choose according to the size of your hands. Not everyone has the big wrist straps. A tall and thin person might require a slightly smaller wrap for their hands as wearing a too-long wrap will only create discomfort. It will appear too bulky and stiff.

Once you choose the right size, you can roll it around your wrist at least twice before hooking it using a Velcro strap or pins. If you would like to have extra grip, you can choose the one that offers a thumb loop. It prevents the wrap from slipping off while making rapid and repeated movements. Some beginners wonder when is the best time to put on the bands. Well, it depends on your needs. Some exercise movements or workout activities do not require any wrist support. However, during weightlifting or active routine that requires the putting of pressure on your hands and wrist, it is highly advisable for you to put on this protective accessory. You might think it is a hassle to do so, but you will appreciate it later as it keeps your wrist safe and healthy for many years to come.

wrist wrap

How to Choose the Best Hand Bands?

There are varieties of products out there at your selection. If you do not wish to go the hassle of making research and finding the best wrist wrap, consider this review. I have prepared several top options for you to choose. Before we go ahead and look at the top products, let me brief you a little bit on the criteria of the best hand bands.

One of the essential elements of hand bands is the comfort that it provides. Since you will be wearing it for a long time, it is incumbent for the product to be comfortable. If you select a wrong one, you might find it difficult to keep wearing it. Find a comfortable one with a great fit. It should not cut the blood circulation near your hands area. It should also not be too loose as it will only slow down you exercises.

Secondly, you should know the purpose of your workouts. Some types of movements might require a particular kind of hand band and some others might require a different one. For example, active movements like weightlifting or Crossfit demands a tighter strain on the wrist to avoid slipping or injuries. The one with a medium wrapping should suffice for traditional movements such as push-ups and squats.

How to deal with a common crossfit

Another important aspect of this product is the design and durability. The wrapping should be simple and intuitive. It should not take long for you to wear it. There are several general rules in using this product. They are:

  • Do not wrap it too loose around your wrist and experience constant slipping off
  • Do not wrap it too tight around your wrist and impede mobility as well as blood circulation
  • Apply the lifting straps in the correct place on your wrist for maximum support during lifting exercises.

Why Should You Trust Our Reviews?

I have done extensive research on this product and read the inputs and feedbacks from professional athletes as well as regular users. Most of them have this accessory inside their gym bag and will always wear them whenever they are to do exercises that require the use of pressure on their hands. Plus, I am also familiar with some of the products out there and have enough informed knowledge on how to separate between a lousy hand band to a good one. In this review, I have prepared three strong contenders. They are easy to wear, built to last, and does not cost much money to purchase. These hand wrappers are suitable for both hardcore gym goers and average users. After putting some effort into the research, I have come to a conclusion that Wrist Wrap by TerriFit is the best of them three.

How Do We Pick Our Products?

How do I know that TerriFit has the best performance and high durability? I checked out the product specifications shared by the users. Plus, I also consider the feedback shared by the buyers. Hundreds of them have purchased it, and up to 85% of them had given great ratings to TerriFit product. Besides than using the user feedbacks, I also take professional critiques and reviews into my consideration to come up with such conclusion. Give one of the recommended items in this review a try and experience it for yourself.

The Best Wrist Wraps Review

In this guide, I will bring your attention to the top three picks that I have carefully chosen. They are the Wrist Wrap by TerriFit, Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps, and WOD Wear Wrist Wraps for Crossfit. As mentioned earlier, TerriFit is the best of them all.

1. The Best Pick – Wrist Wrap by TerriFit

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TerriFit is a well-known manufacturer that has produced many great exercise accessories that provide complete protection and support to your limbs and joints. The wrist wrapper by TerriFit has the best fit and comfort. Most importantly, it also provides extreme power and balance to your previous wrists. It features high-quality materials like durable fabric and Velcro. I find the length of the wrap to be satisfying at 18 inches long. It is a standard size widely available in many products. One of the obvious things that I noticed about this wrapper is that it does not stop blood circulation. You can easily use it to remove discomfort caused by previous injuries. Plus, it also provides supports for different types of workout intensities – maxes and weight lifting straps will holds on to your wrist tightly and does not impede flexibility. Some low-quality product can be too harsh to the extent it is hard to torque your hands forward and backwards during your exercise.

Wrist Wrap by TerriFit

I find this TerriFit wrapper to be suitable for those who already experienced wrist injuries. It gives ample support to your hands when doing exercise movements like pushups and overhead squats. Plus, the material is soft and sturdy. It does not irritate the skin of your hands. It gives you focus in your workouts and a sense of confidence. There are no more worries on hurting your wrists anymore with this product. Another great thing that I love is the ease of use. It takes only seconds to get the wrapper on your hands, and it stays there for a very long time.  The design is also smart. I love how there is a thumb loop that tightens the fabric to your hands. It does not move around as you move around strenuously. While some wraps can tear apart after a while, this particular one has a built-to -last design in mind. It does not use any glue to hold the fabric together. It uses a double stitching, personally hand sewn.

2. The Runner-Up – Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps

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The runner-up is also one of my favourite wrappers. Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps is a professional hand band that looks premium and exclusive. It comes in several sizes and provides different tension pressures. If the top pick is great for Crossfit and weightlifting, this particular product is perfect for bench pressing and dumbbell press weight. If you select this Contraband product, make sure you choose the type of bands correctly as they all serve different purposes. The available models are 3-stripe medium, 2-stripe heavy and 1-stripe extreme. It can provide support between 135 to 315 pounds. Plus, you will notice that the wrappers have different types of fabrics. The light version has a softer material and stretch. It gets rougher and tighter as it goes up the version.

Contraband3There is a specific way to handle the product. After wearing it in your gym, you can place it in a bucket of cold water and wash it with any types of cleaning agent. Do not put it in a washing machine. Dry cooling should be enough. You might affect the stretching level if you are to put it in a washing machine. Just like the TerriFit, there is also a velcro strap. It prevents the band from the constant undone. One of the features of this hand band that I can appreciate is the right and left thumb loops. Most product manufacturers out there only give one loop. This one, however, comes with two! The various degrees of tension supports are also excellent and because of it, I place it in the second place in this guide! You can get it as low as $9 from some providers. Choose either 18 inches or 36 inches of length for standard and competition-standard exercises respectively.

3. Also Good – WOD Wear Wrist Wraps for Crossfit

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The wrist wrap from WOD Wear is another good product for you to consider. I included it in this guide because I love the durability of the material and the premium support that it gives to the wrist. It provides a comprehensive protection to your tendon and muscles around your hand area. The product comes in pairs. So, you will get two hand bands if you are to purchase it. It goes right on your wrist and should be enough for all sizes of hands – small, medium and large – thanks to the standard 18 inches length. Comfort-wise, there is not much to complain. It has a great fit and even helps to release the pressure from your wrists while doing lifting or hand pressing.

WOD Wear Wrist Wraps for Crossfit

Plus, you will also notice that the fabric wraps your wrist comfortably without getting loose often. The durability of the product is also excellent. Hundreds of users have been using it for months, and there is no sign of wear-and-tear with this hand band. The long Velcro gives tighter grip on the fabric. It has a suitable elasticity, and you can stretch to adjust the pressure on your hands. When you wrap it around your wrist, you notice that it still provide ample room for it to move. You will not feel like it impedes your mobility and hand movements. Overall, it is a reliable and affordable hand band to own. I love it, and I bet you will love it too!

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As a conclusion, the three products mentioned in this guide have excellent performance when it comes to the support and pressure release. Plus, they are also stylish and durable, thanks to the thick and sturdy fabric, velcro and thumb loops. If you are thinking of purchasing one, make sure to consider one of these products!

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