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The Best Weed Grinder & Herb Grinder


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Using the best weed grinder or the best herb grinder can produce a high-quality, fine weed ground. Whenever you use such fine ground, you will notice how potent your material and the aroma and the taste will get even better.

If you are currently reading this article, chances are you are searching for the best grinder for your weeds, herbs, spices, and tobacco. You are at the right place since I will be sharing with you five great options of grinder for you to purchase. Sure, you can always walk to your local store and purchase one.

However, the choices are often limited and can be quite pricey. Now, if you are to consider one of the best weed grinders that I shared with you here, you will be able to save the energy and cut down the costs with the offered low prices.

Weed Grinders Reviews

I have taken a look at multiple options of weed grinders and herb grinders and have come down to select my top five favorites. They are all metal and solid. Sure, there are other cheaper options, and you are free to choose them, but I would like to offer you something that can provide more value for your money.

Since they can last for long time, these grinders do help to save your money in a long run. Without further ado, let us take a look at each one of these best weed grinders and best herb grinders.

1. The Best Grinder of Them All – Space Case Grinder Sifter Mag

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It is a five-star grinder that has an exclusive and sleek look. It offers four pieces of compartments that provide extensive filtering and ground storing. With the magnetized lid, the pieces stick quite solidly to each other, and you can avoid any messy spilling with such feature.

The price might be a bit on the expensive side with a cost of $64.98, but it is a worthy investment. Many users complimented the build quality i.e. how great the overall construction, craftsmanship, and the compartment linkages and some others love how it can survive years of non-stop grinding.

With the industrial-grade aluminum that meets the quality of aerospace metals, the teeth of the Space Case Grinder is very sharp and effective. It can grind your spices, herbs, weeds, tobacco, or buds to the finest ground and with the proper consistency. It is way different than any grinders than can be quite flimsy and unreliable.

The pollen chambers of this Space Case Grinder are also big at 2.5 inches, and it can store your pollen quite reliably before you taking it out for vaporization. The airtight case ensures that they keep intact in your grinders without leaking out. For maintenance, make sure you clean the inside properly.

Do not get any leftover stuck inside it as it can make it harder for you to grind the next time. All in all, it is one of the best weed grinders out there that you should consider. I highly recommend this one as it offers one of the best and cheap grinding mechanism out there. There are some fake ones available online. So, make sure you purchase the product on Amazon.com and get the original grinder! There are many different type by Space Case, be sure to check out on the market.

Pros – The quality is amazing, and the grinder can grind like no other products out there.  It costs much cheaper when purchased online than buying it at local shops.  The grind is smooth, and the produced product is fine and satisfactory.

Cons – There are imitation products that stain the reputation of Space Case. Make sure you buy the original one from the authorized seller. To be safe, make your online purchase on Amazon.com.

Best Weed Grinder SPACE CASE Grinder 5

 Table Comparison

In this table comparison, I am putting down all the features and specifications that you should know about each of the grinders. The features indicate the quality, durability, and performances of the products. Make proper consideration and purchase them online at Amazon.com for fast and secure delivery.

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2. Second Runner-Up – Golden Gate Grinder

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Here is my second favorite – Golden Gate Grinder. It has three well-built compartments, 49 anodized sharp metal teeth, 32 holes, and aircraft-grade metal as the body. If that does not scream durability and heavy duty, I do not what is!

I recommend the Golden Gate Grinder to those who feel like the Space Case is a tad bit too expensive. At $24.95 on Amazon.com, it offers a more affordable price option for you. Of course, the price does not indicate any compromises. The quality is as the same, except with several few cutbacks. It might not manage to grind your herbs and turn it into powder on the first cycle. You can turn it upside down for a second grinding, and you will find the fine ground to be satisfying.

It also has the magnetic lid support that ensures the lid is closely tight and secured. With the lid, you can keep your herbs or weed inside the four-piece compartments as long as you need as it will preserve the odor and aroma of your ground.

There are three 2.5-inch chambers available. The topmost part is for the grinding; the second one is to store your material, and the bottom part is to catch any pollens or super fine ground. Another positive aspect of the grinder is the super sharp teeth.

It is so sharp that you can even grind cloves or cinnamon stick pieces in this grinder! For softer plants such as rosemary or thyme, the Golden Gate Grinder is even more reliable. There is no obvious cracking or crunching – the grinding process is effortless and smooth.

Pros – It has a high-quality material, and can grind just about anything with the sharp, metal teeth. It does not chip off, and your plants remain purified and free from chemical substances.

Cons – It gets gunk up pretty quickly, and you need to use a 100% dry weed for the grinding to be easy and smooth.

3. Budget Pick – Herb Grinder

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I have decided to stick to the high-quality and metal-made grinders, even for my budget pick. I seriously believe that metal grinders are more reliable, durable, portable, and easy to clean and maintain.

Hence, I have picked the one with the least expensive price tag on Amazon.com for you – the Herb Grinder. It costs less than $20 ($16.95 to be exact), and you should not find this grinder to be any burden to your financial at all.

Even with the relatively cheaper price, the Herb Grinder still makes use of aerospace-grade aluminum materials. Plus, it even has the similar diameter width of 2.5 inches and four tower units like my first two top picks.

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Indeed, it is the best option out there for students or those who are just starting to grind their personal herb medicines, cooking spices or vapor weeds. There are absolutely no compromises on the quality. The top lid has a magnet that keeps the lid tight. The teeth are also of a metal material and sharp.

It easily breaks down the plants, seeds, or buds on your behalf. It also does not hurt the fact that the grinder looks neat and sleek with the shining and polished metal body. However, it is also important for you to know that there are several complaints from the user about receiving the wrong products.

It bears the same name but just do not have the same quality or look as the one published on the website. Hence, it is essential for you to make the purchase here on Amazon.com to ensure that the original product is the one that you will receive.

Pros – The super sharp teeth offers you a smooth and effortless grinding process. The pollen catcher and big diameter make it easy for you to catch the debris and pollen.

Cons – The grounded herbs or weeds can be too coarse for some users, and there is a small empty gap in the middle that cause leaves to stuck easily in this area.

4. Good Option – Black Tie Grinder

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Who said grinder needs to be blank and boring? Here is a neat-looking weed grinder for you to consider and purchase – Black Tie Grinder. It has quite an aesthetic look and feel to it, thanks to the stylish tie logo on top of the lid. It is something that you can use and flaunt to your family and friends.

Besides than the premium design, there are also several other good reasons why I have decided to include this particular product into my best weed grinder list. Firstly, I love how solid and strong the grinder can be. The manufacturer has put proper thoughts into the body construction and delivers durable and lightweight grinder that is easy to carry around.

Next, the strongly magnetized lid also helps a lot in making sure that the grinding does not appear messy. There is no pollen that will get out of the chambers, and there is also no need for you to do any cleaning after preparing your ground.

With the similar size of 2.5 inches, the chambers are also reliable in storing and keeping the plants or weeds fresh and aromatic. The 50 sharp teeth also make it one of my favorite grinders. Using it is very easy, and it does not require much energy from my hands – the grinding is very smooth.

Having sharp teeth is mandatory because if you purchase the wrong one that is a lack of quality, you will only end up crushing the plants, rather than grinding. Plus, the metal also stays intact, and it does not get chipped off easily. You will find no aluminum residues in your plants. On Amazon.com, the Black Tie Grinder is available for only $24.99 and it has been receiving a 4.9 stars for the feedback rating. Purchase it online and see how stunning it looks and how great its performance.

Pros – The design is eye-catching and suitable for young users. The body construction is solid and can filter pollen quite efficiently.

Cons – The teeth are too dense and materials can stuck easily in between them. It requires proper and extensive cleaning of the product after grinding.

5. Also Good Option – Cali Crusher Grinder

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It is a famous option available that most grinders have either own it or try it. With a cheap price of $24.95 on Amazon.com, it is not difficult to see why it is so popular. First, the finishing and design is very neat. It shines, and it impresses with the heavy-duty aircraft metal, smooth threads, and stainless steel screen.

The anodized body ensures that there will be no paint or other chemical chunks to get into your weeds. The finishing is a part of the metal itself, and the coating lasts for many years to come. However, there are users who commented about the lubrication and material build up.

If you are to use it for as long as five or six years, you will eventually notice the deterioration of the initial lubrication. The grinding can get tricky when you reach such deterioration. Plus, if you are not to clean it properly, the material build up will also be noticeable, and it will get harder to clean and grind weeds in it. Hence, a proper cleaning step is mandatory if you wish to see the Cali Crusher to last.

When it comes to the size, it is smaller than the grinders that I shared above. This one only has a diameter of two inches, but it should be enough to hold and store your ground. There are also four compartments in this Cali Crusher. Now, the teeth are also the Cali Crusher strength. The silver teeth sure look sharp, and it does, indeed, a great job in grinding your materials.

Sure, I wish the size to be a bit bigger, but there is no complaining when it comes to its grinding performance. It is, in fact, as great as other high-end grinders but at a half price at that. I highly recommend Cali Crusher to you if you need to purchase an affordable grinder that can give you a fine and aromatic herbs or weeds grind.

Pros – It looks good and expensive, and the sharp teeth are reliable to produce grounded materials finely.

Cons – The size is smaller than other grinders, and it tears out with times.

Grinder Material and How to Choose The Best One

Now, before I go ahead and talk about the best grinders that are available on Amazon.com, let us consider some of the materials of the grinders. I will teach you how to differentiate between them and ultimately choose the best one how to use it in the best way.

The herbs grinders that you can find online are only normally of several different materials – aluminum, titanium, wood, plastic, and acrylic. Each of them has different quality and durability. Plus, there are also some safety and health issues that you should consider.

The Most Common and the Best Grinder Material – Aluminum & Titanium

Most of the weed grinders or herb grinders that you can find out there are aluminum-based. It is the preferred materials for the manufacturers since they are more economical, light, and durable. Plus, they are also safer if you are to compare with other types such as plastic or wood.

If you need to have a grinder that is highly portable, cheap, and reliable, then I suggest considering the one that features aluminum. There are also several other grinders that come with a combination of aluminum and titanium. The coated titanium usually offers industrial-grade grinders with prices that set on a more expensive side.

So, if you happen to have extra cash to spare and would like to own a premium grinder that can last for a long time, you may choose the one with such combination. When it comes to health safety, aluminum is very safe. The teeth are solid, and there will not be any crooked pieces that will go into your ground herb or weeds.

See more reviews on this videos:

The Least Favourite Material – Woods

Wood-based grinders can save you lots of money, but it also comes with its downside. You can easily buy it for $5 or below on Amazon.com or other online websites, but the wood grinder is not that convenient, durable and safe.

The teeth of the grinders, which are wood, can get chipped off quite easily, and the sharp pieces can get in your weeds. I bet the last thing you want is to have such dangerous, sharp pieces in your ground. The next downside of the wood grinder is that the finishing (for example, shellac) can contain chemicals, and this is not good for your health.

The wood grinder is not that bad, though. It has quite a good-looking shape and look. If you are a fashion-driven person, having an aesthetic wood grinder might be appealing to you. If you prefer to buy it, just make sure that it has a raw wood, and free from any finishing for the safety concern I mentioned earlier.

The OK Material – Plastics or Acrylic

These are another two cheap materials that are OK for you to consider – plastics and acrylic. Unlike the metal material that does not get wear out easily, this one is pretty fragile. The teeth can easily break through times, and they often get into your ground materials. However, if you would like to have a portable grinder that is light and easy to carry around, I do not see any problem for you to purchase this one.

In summary, I highly recommend for you to use the metal grinders (either aluminum or aluminum & titanium combination. They are safer, relatively cheaper, durable and does not look bad at all when it comes to the look and feel. Choose the one with multiple compartments since it brilliantly separates between the harsh debris and fine ground. Check out for more stuff on Grinder on Pinteres.

The Best Way to Use the Grinder

All of the best grinders that I shared with you above have four compartments. The metal material does support such extensive chambers. Now that you know which one to buy, perhaps, it is also wise for you to know how to use it properly. With a correct method of grinding and cleaning, you can enjoy both the high-quality herbs or weeds and also a long-lasting grinder. Using it is very straightforward, and followings are the steps.

1.Break your herbs or weeds into small pieces. It is not easy for the grinder to break up your plants if you put a whole big chunk inside it. However, if you are to tear it into small pieces, the grinding will be much smoother and quicker. You can either use the strength of your hands and fingers to tear them or use a scissors – it is up to you. Put only the soft, leafy parts and keep the stems of your plants away from the grinder. They do not taste good and does not contain any beneficial nutrient.

2. Once the herbs are inside the grinder, close the lid properly. You can avoid any messy debris or pollen from coming out if the lid is tight. Using a magnetized lid grinder (all of the products I shared above have it!) is great and ideal if you do not wish to deal with any mess every time after grinding. Once the lid closes, twist the grinder clockwise and counterclockwise. Repeat it for several seconds until you are certain the herbs have turned into a fine powder.

  1. Here is an additional step for a better grind – flip the grinder upside down and twist it again. It ensures that the stuck debris will not be left ungrounded, and you will get a consistent and comprehensive rate of the grind.
  2. Once you finish, hold it in your hand securely with the bottom part resting on your palm. Open the lid and pour the herbs into a bowl.

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