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Best USB Car Charger

The best USB car charger can provide you a quick charging, durable build, and a snug fit. We have done hours and hours of research to look for the best charger that works with many brands of smartphones for you to consider. After finalizing our pick, we decided that AmazonBasics is the best USB car charger currently available on the market.

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Why Should You Trust Us & How Do We Pick?

We have years of experience using USB chargers inside our cars. Over the years, we have used device-specific chargers as well as universal USB car chargers that operate with all types of smart devices. Besides than using our personal experience, we also did extensive research. We studied the specifications of each of the products and looked at the feedbacks given by the current users. They give us pointers on the performance and reliability of the car chargers. After the research, we picked the best USB car charger based on the quality, price, and performance of the product.

1. AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger

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AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger 1

The best USB car charger that we have carefully selected is AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger. Since it is from Amazon itself, we can expect it to have high-quality materials and top-performing charging system. When looking at the design aspect, we noticed that the device uses solid plastic as the exterior. The overall design is quite simple. The size is compact. It fits well in your pocket and palm. However, looking at the width, we wish for it to be a bit slimmer, instead of bulky and pointy. After putting some thoughts in it, we believe the size does make sense because it helps to avoid rapid heat dissipation that can cause it to be hot after several hours of charging.

AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger 2

The AmazonBasics car charger produces 4 amperes of power that can charge any 5V-devices. With the 4 ampere charging, we believe the power is strong enough to raise the battery bar even when loading high-capacity apps like GPS or games apps. Since it is a universal charger, it is highly compatible with many devices such as Amazon Fire, Apple, and Samsung smartphones or tablets. The charger supports an input voltage of 12V to 24V. When connected to the cigarette lighter, you will see an LED light. It indicates the connecting status – whether or not you plug it correctly. The charging is also super quick. There is a dual USB port that you can use to charge two smart devices at the same time. Some users have reported that the Amazon charger stopped providing current after a while. Perhaps, it is because of the faulty fuse assembly. It requires a little bit of wiggling for it to fit perfectly into the cigarette lighter slot.

2. iClever Intelligent 2-Port Car Charger

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iClever Intelligent 2-port car charger made our list because of the top-notch charging performance, great price, and high-quality construction. It easily captures the attention of the prospective buyers with the shining, all-black exterior design. The body of the charger is small and quite slim. While other chargers can be too long and does not fit well in tight space in the car, this product performs otherwise. It does not protrude too much and only leaves a 1-inch of the body when plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet. The fit is also very snug and not too tight. At only 2.9 ounces, this iClever is also lightweight. This charger looks tough with the aluminum alloy exterior. The premium material explains why the price is a bit high.

iClever Intelligent 2-Port Car Charger 1

Besides the great design, the iClever car charger is also powerful. It provides 4.8 amperes of power. The 24W charger is also smart. It can identify the connected devices and adjust the produced power accordingly for charging efficiency. It is thanks to the special smartID technology. On top of the charger, you will see a blue LED light. It shows the charging status. With the high power capacity, it charges quickly and can save a lot of time. Some users said it could raise the smartphone’s battery power up to 7% in just 7 minutes. The available two ports also increase its versatility. It can charge two devices at the same time. Plus, it does not overheat too easily. The excellent circuitry prevents it from overcharging and current overloading. The charger supports an input of 12V to 18Vand compatible with many smartphones as long as it uses USB cable for charging. The only con that we noticed with this iClever charger is the LED light. It works for just one USB port. We wish the other slot has it too.

3. Maxboost 4.8 Amp 2-Port Car Charger

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Maxboost car charger is another good option for you to look and consider. It is small and short at 2.5 inches of length. It does not protrude much. You will see about a quarter or an inch of the charger when plugged into the charger outlet. Design wise, it looks neat and exclusive. It packs a polycarbonate material with soft textured cover for easy grip. It is very easy to insert and remove it from the outlet. An additional thing that we love is the shockproof feature. It can withstand drop, bumps and scrapes quite amazingly.

Maxboost 4.8 Amp 2-Port Car Charger 1

When it comes to the performance, this Maxboost car charger boasts an intelligent circuit that prevents short circuiting, overcharging, and overheating. Plus, the circuitry is also smart as it can also recognize your smartphone. The two USB ports share 24W of power with a total output of 4.8 amperes –2.4 amperes for each slot. Some users have said that it charged his smartphone up to 50% in about 30 minutes. However, some others reported a slow charging. We highly recommended for you to use the original charger cable for quick charging. It also uses LED indicators to show the status. Instead of a small LED, it applies an internal LED light. It is not too bright or too soft. With the two USB slots, it removes the needs to purchase separate chargers for different devices. One negative thing that we found out is the loose fit. It can get a bit wobbly. All you need to do is twist and jiggle to establish a perfect connection.

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Overall, these USB car chargers can truly provide value to your money. With an average cost about $10, they perform the charging job rather well. It can last a long time and very reliable for in-car device charging purposes.

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