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Best Tactical Folding Knife Review 2015


Tactical folding knives can be quite a versatile cutting tool to own and not forget to mention, useful as a self-defense mechanism. You can bring it along during your camping or hiking trip, as well as for other outdoor or indoor uses. This type of compact knife comes in many different sizes, shapes, styles, and locking technologies. You can easily purchase it at any local stores at quite a decent price. However, why not make every penny that you spent well worth it by purchasing the best tactical folding knife. Best thing yet, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to purchase it as they are available online on Amazon.com!

How to Identify and Buy the Best Tactical Folding Knife?

So, what makes a good tactical blade? A sturdy, well-functioning knife should be able to perform cutting, rigging, strapping, and fighting seamlessly. It should have a maximum versatility. The blade should be razor sharp, not just upon the delivery, but it should also be able to remain sharp for many years to come. Papers, rope, fabrics must be easily cuttable by this knife. After all, it is a knife, is it not? There are many low-end knives out there that may entice you with the cheap price tag; however they all have the tendency to go blunt after only several times of usage. Besides than the razor blade, it should also fit well into the casing. Since you will be putting it in your pocket, I bet you do not want a chunk of the blade to protrude. The construction should also feel solid, and a wiggle blade is the first warning that indicates the lack of quality.

You need to pay attention to the locking mechanism. Some of the high-end tactical knives have smooth, one-handed operation. You can use a single flick of your thumb to release the blade from the casing in seconds. Some might be quite stiff at first, but you can expect it to get loose over time. Last but not least, you will also need a tough and rugged looking folding knife. The look of the knife itself should be able to ward off any ill-intention attacker. I mean, a bright pink knife with a Hello Kitty image on the handle might not be as intimidating as a Rambo, solid black knife, yes? As far as the price is concerned, it all goes back to your personal budget. Normally, a high-end knife will cost higher than the low-end one, but it does not necessarily indicate the quality. There are still some mid-range tactical knives out there that perform very well and still have the affordable price offerings – the best tactical folding knife that I assess in this article is one of them!

1. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife with G-10 Handle Clip Point and Black Blade

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 On a very first look, the Cold Steel Knives Recon 1 is already convincing with the solid black body and rugged style. It has that military design that enhances the tough look of the knife. One of the features of Recon 1 that many users love is the super sharp blade and sturdy build construction. The blade is of stainless steel material, and this feature indicates quality and reliability. The black Teflon coating eliminate glares and thanks to the G-10 laminate scales handler, it gives an excellent traction and feels firm as you hold it in your hands. With the overall length of 9 inches and weight of 5.3 ounces, it fits like a glove. It rests well on your hand – neither too big nor too small. Plus, it is also lightweight so you will not have to think twice about putting in your pants pocket and carry it with you wherever you go.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife with G-10 Handle Clip Point and Black Blade 2

When it comes to the locking mechanism, it might be a little tough to release the blade from the casing on the first few attempts. Cold Steel has manufactured the tactical knife in a way that the knife should be safe and secure. The blade should not move out from its housing easily as it can create a safety issue. That is why you feel the locking mechanism to be a bit stiff. You might need to use both hands to release the lock. But over time, you should be able to use your single thumb. Overall, I think that the Cold Steel Recon 1 is a very capable tactical knife that is worthy of your consideration. Out of the five tactical knives that I recommend in this article, it is the most expensive one at about on Amazon.com.

2. Kershaw 1555BY Cryo Folding Knife with Blackwash SpeedSafe

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Kershaw is one of the well-known tactical knife manufacturers. One of the products of Kershaw that has become my personal favourite is Kershaw 1555BW folding knife. It features a black wash finish and minimalist design. The blade is of high-quality stainless steel with a length of about 2.7 inches. Overall, the length and weight of the folding knife is average, and it should be comfortable enough for you to carry it around with you. The blade is razor sharp. You would find it reliable when it comes to cutting. Another cool feature of the knife is the patented SpeedSafe. The manufacturer has put a well thought on the locking design. I noticed that it has a quick, solid, and smooth blade release that ensures both easy operating and safety. A good folding knife should make it easier for you to release the blade from the handle, but not too easy to the point that it can get out of its casing randomly or without command.

Kershaw 1555BW Cryo Folding Knife with Blackwash SpeedSafe 2

There is also a thumb stud that gives some ergonomic feel to the knife. However, if there is a drawback that I can point out for the Kershaw Cryo Folding Knife, it would have to be its stainless steel body. Other knives feature the material as the blade but usually coat the handle with other well-textured material. However, for this knife, the stainless steel body can be somewhat too slippery. There are some users who complained about the body and some of them had accidentally lost grip of the knife and dropped it several times. Other than that, it is still a great tactical knife to have. The price is reasonable at about on Amazon.com.

Kershaw 1555BW Cryo Folding Knife with Blackwash SpeedSafe 3

3. Gerber GDC Pocket Knife

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Gerber 30-000636 GDC is another sleek looking tactical knife that you might want to consider. The thing that I love about this knife is that it is very compact and light. It is not as long as the Recon 1 knife above. With an overall length of about 5 inches and a weight of only 1.3 ounces, it is a great pocket knife for you to own. It can serve many purposes such hunting knives, outdoor uses, military, tactical or survival. The short blade might look tame, but you should not take it lightly as it is very sharp. It features a fine edge stainless steel blade that can cut through just about any paper, wood, fabrics or plastics.

Gerber 30-000636 GDC Tech Skin Pocket knife 2

It has a rubberized handle so you can expect it to be firm and solid. It will not feel slippery in your hands even though it has a small handle. Plus, the rubber body also allows you to put it in your pocket or handbag with other belongings, and you will not have to worry about scratching your smartphone or gadgets. You can also easily release the blade from the casing with a single flick of your thumb, thanks to the excellent lock back safety feature. Plus, the blade also stays well in its casing – it does not wiggle away as you move around. It is an alternative to Recon 1 for those with a limited budget as you can purchase Gerber 30-000636 GDC on Amazon.com for a little bit over $20.

4. Tac Force TF-705 Tactical Folding Knife

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One thing that I learned from Tac Force TF-705 is that the best pocket knife does not have to look bland and boring. This particular folding knife looks stylish and great with its curvaceous body and striking body color. I can see how this knife becomes a favourite amongst the trendy folks. It comes in several color options such as red, camouflage, grey, and black. Besides than its sleek look, the Tac Force tactical knife is also reliable when it comes to the blade. It features a stainless steel blade and an aluminum handle. It can cut any materials quickly and easily with the razor blade, and there are also additional features that make it very versatile. You can use this knife to open a bottle or break a glass. With these two added features, it can be quite a useful emergency tool to have. Whenever there is a need for you to cut opens a window, you can use this in your rescues endeavor.

If I am to compare the TF-705 knife with the two knives above, I think this particular knife is easier to operate compared to them both. You can use your finger to release the blade easily, even at your first attempt. You simply need to push the small lever near your thumb and push the blade in and secure it inside its housing. No double hands needed to do this. However, this also creates a warning signal as such light locking might get even looser in the future so you will need to be more careful about it in the future. Nevertheless, it is still a nice and stylish tactical knife to have. Interested to buy it? Go ahead and make your online purchase on Amazon.com. It costs less than $10, a cheap pocket knives.

 5. MTech USA MT-378 Folding Tactical Knife

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MTech USA MT-378 is another great folding tactical knife that I would like to recommend. It is a great knife for both men and women. The MTech knife acts well as an outdoor tool as well as a tactical role. The 440 stainless steel blade is very pointy and sharp. It should be able to strip off a paper with no problem. The look should allow you to ward off bad guys quickly. The simple, brushed black body looks quite good, and I think the men would favor the minimalist look of the knife. Besides than the sharp, pointy blade, I also love the MTech USA knife because of its easy blade opening. While others can be quite stiff or too flimsy, the lock strength of the knife is just nice. It does not wobble inside the casing. Plus, the whole construction is very solid and satisfying.

However, there is still a drawback of the knife that I wish the manufacturer could consider improving. The aluminum handles can be quite slippery, especially if you are holding it after breaking a sweat. There were some users who wished that the handle could have more texture for it to feel 100% firm and secure in their hands. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best tactical knives out there. And, it is also the cheapest of them five at about , and you can purchase the tactical folding knife online on Amazon.com. It should be ready on your doorstep in the next few business days!