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Best Star Projector for Christmas 2017


Best Star Projector

The best star projector can transform your house into a majestic and lively place at night, especially during a festive season. These days, you can find all sorts of stars, aurora, and galactic light projectors,laser star projector. They come in different shapes, sizes and prices. If you are looking to filter out those huge selections into smaller, best choices, then you are at a right place. In this review, we will present to your some of the best options that suit well for both outdoor and indoor purposes, together with some tips on how to make the correct purchase decision.

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How to Choose the Best Star Projector?

Before making your purchase, make sure you consider several important factors. Firstly, you will need to know where you would like to setup the device. If you are planning to install it outside, make sure it comes with a weatherproof feature. The projector should pack durable materials with a water-resistant housing to ensure the safety of the interior compartments. Secondly, you will also need to consider how you want to operate it. Some of these devices use wire and will require a direct connection to a power plug to function. If you do not have any outdoor power point, purchasing a battery-operated projector is more ideal.

You should also consider the projection capability of the unit. Can the unit flash enough stars to cover the size of your surface? Some small devices might only cover up to 20 square feet of an area while a bigger unit can brighten up 3000 square feet of space. Lastly, some devices flash only stars in a single color while others can be quite versatile and produce several objects simultaneously. Those objects are moons, planets, and aurora borealis and they can come in various colors. Alternative, you can go for apps night light.

How do We Pick and Why You Should Trust Us?

When we make our pick, we consider all of the factors above. We are looking at two different categories, which are outdoor and indoor. We also look at the features and the ease of use. A good star projector should also have a reliable performance and can work as advertised. It should be able to last long and does not break after several times of usages. You should trust our reviews and consider one of the recommended products because we have put extensive effort into finding the best devices for you to choose. We have done the hard part on your behalf. Our review is purely unbiased as we also consider the feedbacks and opinions shared by the owners and users.

Outdoor Category

1. Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

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Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights 1

Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights is our best pick. It is a wired device. This compact and lightweight star projector device can project thousands of bright green stars. It also comes with a color combination of green and red stars. You can easily control this mode by turning the roller on the device. Based on the user feedbacks, this particular projector shines better on a brightly painted house. To cater for outdoor usage, it packs a durable and water-resistant body that makes it a great outdoor star projector for your home. The plastic casing has a well-built design and protects the interior circuit from rain or snow. The LED lasers can produce super bright stars and brighten up your house at night. It goes especially bright in a dim lit area. If you have a street light nearby, you will not get a dramatic lighting effect. The Star Shower can cover up a minimum of 600 square feet of area and up to a maximum of 3000 square feet. It has a sensor that makes it turn off automatically during the day.

Star Shower Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights 2

The wide projection should be enough for a single ranch house. However, you should also know that it depends on the size of your home, space and the terrain in your yard. Ideally, you should set it up about 20 feet away from your home to get a full coverage on your house. There are also users who have installed it up to 80 feet away from their house. Unsurprisingly, from such distance, the stars can appear a bit anemic. There are also users who prefer to purchase two of the units to cover their whole house. If you are to use only one, you will notice one side of the projection is brighter than the other side. With two units, you can cover your house evenly. The light does not come with a stand. You will have to purchase it separately if you do not wish to hang it on the wall. It is, indeed, a great alternative to the conventional string lights that only covers the edge of your roof.

2. Laser Christmas Lights SeresRoad Red and Green Projector

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The second best pick that made to our list is the Laser Christmas Lights SeresRoad Red and Green Projector. It is a capable projector light with a reasonable price of about $75. As an outdoor star projector, it boasts a waterproof rating of IP65. It can survive the splash of rain as well as snow. It packs durable material such as aluminum and heavy-duty plastic. A remote control comes together with the purchase for you to control the light and the effects. There are four patterns available which are static green, static red, static red and green, and flashing lights. It has a strong 100mW and 50mW power of red and green LED bulbs respectively.

Laser Christmas Lights SeresRoad Red and Green Projector 1

It is perfect not only for Christmas purposes but also to lighten up your home garden, trees, and performance stage. Since it is an electrical device, you will have to plug into to a power source. There is an ON/OFF button on the remote. For automatic control, you can set a timer. There are two, four, six, and eight hours of timing options. You can control the light from 10 meters away as the remote has a very sensitive sensor. If you decide to purchase two or three of these units, you can use a single remote to control all three of them at the same time. It has a wide coverage.

Laser Christmas Lights SeresRoad Red and Green Projector 2

You can turn it on to cover your room or the front part of your house. A ranch house or a big colonial house might need a few units of these devices for a full and brighter effect. A yard stand comes together with the purchase. You can use it to install the light on the ground. Just make sure it is far from the reach of your pets or children. Overall, the laser light can beautify your home during a festive season with the bright and colorful lightings. The only setback is that there is no direct button on the device itself. You will lose control of the device if you lose your remote control.

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Indoor Category

1. Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle

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One of the best options worthy of your consideration for indoor usage is the Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle. It is a great lighting device to turn on at night in your kid’s room before dozing off. It projects beautiful stars and moonlights onto the walls and ceiling. There are three colors to choose from – blue, amber and green. The blue and green stars shine brightly on a lightly painted wall, but the amber works better on a dark wall. There is an On switch button at the bottom of the unit. You use this single button to turn it on and off. There is a timer that sets the turtle to turn on the lights for up to 45 minutes before turning them off automatically.

Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle 2

The turtle light is a battery-operated star projector. It uses AAA batteries to function. The battery life is quite satisfying. It can last up to three months if you are to use it every night. When you first put on the batteries, you will notice that that stars can appear too bright but as it consumes the battery, it will get dimmer. It is a great star projector to purchase if you have a child who is afraid of darkness. You can start training your child to sleep in his room and turn it on to give him some soothing entertainment at night. With it, he would enjoy sleeping in his room and looking at the starry ceiling and walls. It can also be a great science education tool as you can work together with your child to find constellations in the starry sky. If you are a health conscious parent who would like to protect your children from chemical substances, you would also be happy to hear that it is BA, Phthalate, Latex and lead-free!

2. Soaiy Color Changing LED Night Light Lamp

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Another best-selling start projector with a low price and excellent lighting performance is the Soaiy Color Changing LED Night Light Lamp. The design of the device is neat and stylish. It should fit well with the beautiful interior decor of your room. Quality wise, it has a solid and sturdy construction. Unlike the Turtle light that is battery based, this particular model is a wired projector. With the 6-foot power cord, you can place it on your tabletop while connecting it to a power outlet. It provides two unique features, which are the Aurora and nebular lights projection as well as direct connectivity to smart devices for music streaming. It offers eight different light patterns and colors – blue, red, green and multi colors. Besides the LED bulbs, it also packs a built-in speaker and cable-based slot to smartphones, tablets, MP3s, and laptops. A 35mm audio wire comes together with the purchase.

Soaiy Color Changing LED Night Light Lamp 1

You can link the projector to these devices to play a lullaby or relaxing music to fit the movement of the aurora borealis. Even though the speaker is the side feature, the sound quality is not disappointing at all. Sure, it is no Bose or Jawbone, but it emits great audio quality, enough to please your ears. To save battery, it automatically shuts off after an hour. It supports up to 45 degrees of tilting. You can easily adjust the positioning so you can get the lights on any surface that you wish. Once turned on, it projects vivid and bright lights. The only con that we can think about this star projector is that the lights can be too bright for you room. Nevertheless, it is the best star projector to make your children love their bedtime.

3. Mokoqi Night Lighting Lamp

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Mokoqi Night Lighting Lamp is another great option at a price tag below $20. Design wise, it is small and compact. It can fit anywhere in your room, no matter how small it is. It has a satisfying build quality with a standard plastic housing. It uses 4 AAA batteries. The battery slot is at the bottom. The new model features a side-by-side battery assembly for easy battery insertion and removal. One of the neat features that you might appreciate is the dual methods of powering the projector, which are batteries and via a USB cable. If you happen to run out of fresh batteries, you can simply plug it into your computer to get a power source. One thing that we wish this product to have is a timer to shut off the projector automatically.

Mokoqi Night Lighting Lamp 1

The projector packs three 0.5W colorful LED lights (blue, green, red) and one 0.8W warm light. At the front bottom part of the unit, you will find three small buttons with an A, B and C label. Each button represents a unique mode, which is Night Warm light, Light Color, Rotary Light. The C button will spin the stars and moon on your ceiling for a cool light dancing effect. You should know that this projector emits a motor sound while rotating. If you are a light sleeper, this could be an issue for you. Consider it before making your purchase. When it comes to the light quality, it produces beautiful light shows in your room. The lights are bright and lively, with a relaxing movement. The light shines not too brightly, and this will not interrupt your sleep.

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Overall, the star projectors above are some of the best projectors on the market. They have received rave reviews from the users. Purchase one of them and brighten up your house and room for any festive or party occasions.