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The best showerhead filter should be able to remove chlorine efficiently for you. The task of finding the best one can be quite difficult, but this review is here to make your job easier. We have done the research and finally came up with top three contenders available for you to choose. These best shower filters offer the great values for your money with the reliable filtering capability.

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Showerhead Filter Buying Guide

Most of the showerhead filters are capable of filtering between 20% and 90% of chlorine, leaving you with safe and clean water. It uses two different filter materials, which are Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) and Vitamin C. When buying a filter for your pipes or showers, this filtering capability should be the main factor to consider. Besides chlorine, there are also several other types, especially with Vitamin-C support, that can filter out another substance known as chloramines. Most of these filters come from Japan and Korea. Next, you should also consider the size of the filter. It should fit your shower pipe and do not leak when attached. Plus, it should also come with a good warranty to protect your money. Since most filters tend to get clogged and damaged over time, such warranty will give you a new replacement if it happens before the warranty period.

Why Do You Need a Showerhead Filter?

Showerhead filter is crucial for you because it keeps your skin away from the harms of free chlorine in the water. While it functions great in neutralizing our water from germs and diseases, it can cause harm to our body. Most of us can absorb up to 60% of chlorine from showering. Without this tool, you are exposing your skin further to these chemical substances. It can damage both your skin and hair if left uncontrolled. It removes the natural protective skin on your head and weaken the color and structure. It can also inflame the skin and cause eczema to those with sensitive skin. Plus, you can also find other metal substances and VOCs in your water. A showerhead filter should also protect you from these sediments. Plus, it also reduces the weird, altered smell often caused by the high amount of chlorine in the water.

How do We Pick and Why Should You Trust Us?

 So, why should you trust our reviews? Well, we have implemented an in-depth assessment in finding the best showerhead filter. We spent hours of research to learn more about the specifications and offerings of these products. We also used the help of the given feedbacks from the buyers and users to come up with a natural and unbiased review. As a result, we are finally down to three main products as below.

Best Showerhead Filter Reviews

1. Sprite All Brass High Output Chrome Chlorine Removing Shower Filter

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Sprite All Brass High Output Chrome 1

Sprite All Bass High Output Chrome Chlorine Removing Shower Filter is the best pick that made to the top of our list. It features a highly durable brass material that can last for a very long time. If you have an exclusive pipe or metal finishing in your bathroom, this particular shower filter will blend in smoothly with the look of your bathroom. It has a sleek design and does not look cheap at all. It fits nicely to a standard size showerhead and feels solid and tight when attached. It does not cause any leakage like most other cheap filters tend to do. Just remember not to turn it too tightly as you can damage the rubber. Once damaged, you will experience not only leaking but also an annoying, whistling sound of the air. After using it for about six months, you can turn it over to the other side as it comes with a reversible cartridge filter. It is also versatile as you can hook it to a second Vitamin-C filter for protection against chloramines.

With the durable and neat housing, this filter impresses further with the filtering performance. Firstly, it works well with hot water. It also does not interfere with your current water pressure. You can still experience a strong flow of water while taking your shower. Many users have experienced a major change to their skin condition, which indirectly proves the filtering capability of this Sprite All Brass filter. Some users have done a chlorine test and noticed a major drop from 4.0 to 1.5. While several users complained about leaking, it takes skills and experience for one to be able to attach it correctly to the pipe. Overall, it is a good-looking and capable filter that you can use in your bathroom for a chlorine-free shower experience.

  • Pros – Reasonable price, neat design, high-quality brass material, great filtering performance, does not leak, last long, dual cartridge and easy to change.
  • Cons – Rubber and o-ring can be quite difficult to handle for a newbie.

2. Cedar & Citrus CC22000002 Inline SPA Showerhead Filter

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The Cedar & Citrus Filter is the next best option for you to consider. Besides than filtering out chlorine and water sediments, it also acts as a water softener. It leaves you with smooth and soft skin and hair after using it for several weeks. Just like our best pick, this Cedar & Citrus is also efficient in the hot water. It should be good news for those who love to take a warm bath after a busy day at work. It boasts a patented KDF-55 filter standard. It packs calcium sulfate and mineral stones to create a spa-like and clean water. It results in chlorine-free water as well as removes all the bad odor from your water source. Many users have commented that this filter can get rid of dangerous chemicals, algae, bloodworms and other microorganisms.

Cedar & Citrus CC22000002 Inline SPA 1

The Cedar & Citrus Filer is also easy to use. You can just twist it to connect to the showerhead. There is also no need for you to remove the housing to remove the interior filter cartridge. However, it does not have a long lasting filter. Unlike other filters can last as long as six months, this particular filter is only good for about two weeks. You can reuse it after putting the used filter in a tightly sealed bag and place it in your refrigerator to keep it fresh. After a while, it should be ready for another round of filtering job. Some previous owners have reported that the plastic housing can break and wear down after awhile. It is not a surprise because it only uses plastic materials as its exterior casing. It is something that you should consider in your purchase, but we believe that with proper care, you should be able to keep it last longer.

  • Pros – Removes chlorine, sediments and other microorganisms quite efficiently, easy to connect, does not leak, and does not change water pressure.
  • Cons – Plastic material, downflow design that increases clogging.

3. Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter

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The third option that made to our list is Sprite HO2-WH-M Shower Filter. It offers similar offerings like our top pick, but it packs a different material as housing, which is plastic. This particular filter can neutralize the pH in your water and removes several substances. They include Chlorine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron Oxide, dirt, sediments and bad odor. It works as expected. Many users have reported silkier hair and healthier skin after using this filter inside their home. It also removes itching skin and eczema condition. Besides than being efficient in the filtering, it is also not too bulky. It can fit in a tight area and does not affect the current water pressure. Design-wise, it has a high-quality build. It does not look cheap at all even though the price is only about $26.

Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter 1

A newbie should face no problem attaching this to their showerhead as it comes with a super easy installation. Simply twist it and it should be ready to go. With the reversible filter cartridge design, this filter can last for a very long time. You can change it once every six months by reversing the connecting side to use a new, fresh filter. If there is one thing that we wish to see in a new model is the quality of the plastic casing. It should be more durable or replaced with either brass or stainless steel. A plastic filter has the tendency to crack after a while, and this particular filter is no exception. Users have reported that they experienced leaking due to their cracked filter. When it is left wet and dry, the plastic tends to wear down and causes unwanted leakage in your bathroom.

  • Pros – Simple design, sturdy build, tight connection to the showerhead, removes various chemicals and substances in the water efficiently, a dual cartridge for a long use.
  • Cons – Plastic housing can crack and cause leaking.

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The three best shower head filters above are great options you should consider. They come with a great price and can provide you a well-filtered system in your bathroom. They have a long lasting design and efficient in removing extra chlorine in your water. In a long run, you will see how your skin and body improves, thanks to the clean, chlorine-free water.


  • James Matthew

    The Cedar and Citrus filter lasts 9-12 months. You misread their materials. What it actually says is that if you are NOT going to USE your shower for two weeks or more, that you should remove the filter and put it in a plastic bag to PRESERVE the life of it. Then when you’re ready you can put it back on and it will be fine.