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Best Sandwich Maker and Sandwich Toaster Product Review in 2016


Best Sandwich Maker and Sandwich ToasterA crispy and a perfectly browned sandwich make an excellent breakfast. Make sure you own the best sandwich maker and sandwich toaster in your kitchen to enjoy fixing your tasty meal in the morning. In this reviews, we will share with you some tips and recommendations on some of the best sandwich makers and toasters. We have picked the products based on the best toasting results, reasonable price, and ease of use.

Sandwich Maker Vs. Sandwich Toaster

A sandwich maker requires two slices of bread with a filling in the middle. After inserting those ingredients into the machine and close the lids, the appliance will apply the right amount of pressure and toast them to the perfection. It is very easy to maintain the device compared to the toaster. You can brush away the bread crumbs without any issues.

Sandwich toaster functions in a slightly different ways. You can insert the slices and toast them separately. It is a perfect tool for those who love to spread jams after toasting the bread. Cleaning a toaster can be quite tricky as space inside the grills is rather tight. It takes quite an effort to reach the tight space to remove the crumbs.Sandwich Maker

How Do We Test?

We used the specifications and feedbacks from the users to make a judgement on the performance and quality of the products. Plus, we also tested the unit to confirm our assessments. We graded the product based on the quality of the grilled sandwich, the ease of use of the features, and the offered price. The bread grilled by the unit should be crunchy and not soggy. Plus, it should have the right brown effect depending the setting that we applied. Furthermore, the surface of the bread should have an even toasted effect.

We also take other convenient features such as the dishwasher friendly and removable plates into the considerations. The unit should be easy to clean and store. As a result, we found that Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker to be the best bread griller in the maker category and Breville BTA630XL Toaster as the best in the toaster department. Besides the two models, we also presented another good option, which is Cuisinart CPT-180 Toaster.

1. Hamilton Beach 25490A – Best Sandwich Maker

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Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker 25490A is the best you should consider for your home. It allows you to prepare not one but two filling-loaded sandwiches within just three minutes. You can put cheese, sliced fruits, bacon, and croissants into the maker in between the two pieces of bread. It comes with several different cooking compartments where you can insert all of these ingredients. Close the lid to let the appliance does its magic and slides the cooking plates out to see the final result – well-cooked sandwiches! The device also comes with a digital timer. Just remember to preheat the unit to get that crispy and crunchy bread!

Hamilton Beach 25490A Sandwich MakerWith the dual slots, you will not only be able to prepare a meal for yourself but also for your spouse in less than five minutes! Plus, since the slots are separate from each other, you can customize each slice according to your taste. So, how do you know your bread is ready? Listen to the beep produced by the device after finished toasting the bread. You can also put bagels, muffins, pancake, and croissants into the maker. The unit is not only easy to use, but also quick to clean. You can place the removable cooking plates into your dishwasher to clean it up. For the top and bottom ring, which are undetachable, you can use a warm, wet cloth to remove the crumbs.

  • Pros –Cheap, works as advertised, produces well-stacked sandwiches, easy to use, handy digital timer, supports fresh ingredients with multiple cooking plates.
  • Cons –Some cooking rings are not removable; placing eggs can cause quite a mess as it spills out from the ring.

2. Breville BTA630XL – Best Sandwich Toaster

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The best sandwich toaster does not have to be too complicated or advanced. It should be able to perform its single function – toasting bread – efficiently and perfectly. With this basic idea in mind, we have picked Breville BTA630XL Lift and Look Touch Toaster as the best product in the toaster category. At a price of about $80, hundreds of users have purchased this electronic appliance and satisfied with the toasting results. The manufacturer has perfected the unit with several useful technologies such as soft lowering, one-touch feature, LED toasting indicator, and an Auto Lift and Look setting.

Breville BTA630XL ToasterThe Auto Lift and Look feature allow you to take a peek to see the browning results. You can insert two slices of bread, bagels or pastries into the long slots at the same time. The LED indicator makes it fancier as it shows you the progress of the toasting. The bread slot rises slowly, instead of popping out when done. We loved this feature! When it comes to cleaning the device, we found it to be surprisingly easy. There is a crumb tray that you can remove to empty the crumbs from the bottom part. It stays inside the slot steadily without wiggling loosely.

  • Pros –Soft rise-up technology, LED indicator, long toasting slot for full browning effect, easy to clean up
  • Cons –The price is on the expensive side

3. Cuisinart CPT-180 Classic Toaster

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Cuisinart is an established home appliances manufacturer. One of the products called Cuisinart Sandwich Maker CPT-190 Metal Classic is one of our favorites. It is a good option for those who think our top toaster pick to be too expensive. At a price of about $70, this toasted sandwich maker is quite handy with the four toasting slots, six levels of browning, and multiple functionalities of defrosting, reheating, and toasting. The browning dials performed as expected. It provides even and perfect browning effect based on the setting we set on the dial – light to dark. There are two separate controls for the toasting. Therefore, you can insert the slices simultaneously and get two different types of toasted bread in one go. It is a very handy thing to have!

Cuisinart CPT-180 Classic ToasterHowever, unlike the top pick, Cuisinart CPT-180 Metal Classic Toaster does not have that light lifting up technology. It pops the slices after the toasting is complete. Nevertheless, just like the top toaster, it also features a slide-out crumb tray. You can remove the breadcrumbs from the appliance by sliding it out of the compartment and throw the leftovers in the dustbin. There is no need to use a toothbrush to reach the tight space inside the bread slots.

  • Pros –Stylish classic design, convenient four slots and dual controls, handy crumb tray, easy to clean
  • Cons –Not dishwasher friendly, the knobs are very fragile and tend to break

Comparison Table

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With the best sandwich makers and sandwich toasters recommended above, you can enjoy delicious and crunchy sandwiches right in the comfort of your home without having to go out to the cafes and spends any money on your breakfast!

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