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Best Personal Water Filter for Camping and Survival


Water Filter

Water is Life……daily an average human being needs to drink at least 5 liters of water, so in this planet populated with 100 billion people the demand of drinkable water is huge. Drinking sufficient amount of water makes your body healthy and increases immunity but to achieve that one need to purify the water first, as the raw water we get is filled with germs and some other harmful elements, so the purification is necessary, otherwise instead of getting healthy, one would fall sick. To get purified water we need a water filter, and the demand for that is pretty high nowadays.

Getting a good water filter is not an easy task; many companies are manufacturing water filters these days to keep up with the demand.

So you may ask why we use the water filters. The water filters consist of granular activated carbon filters which are designed for carbon filtering, metallic alloy filters, microscopic ceramic filters, carbon block resin, microfiltration and Ultra filtration membranes by lifestraw personal water filter. There are some filters that use more than one type of filtration process; it is a multi-barrier system. There are jug filters which are used to purify the small amount of drinking water. Some kettles are designed with in-built filters they mainly eliminate the built up lime scale.

Microfiltration devices are heavily useful, they are very easy to use, and they can be fitted directly into the water outlets: like showers, faucets. These types of filters generally protect us from Legionella, pseudomonas, Nontuberculous mycobacteria, E.Coli and other dangerous pathogens that can enter into our bodies through the water.

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Here our main point of focus is portable filters, these types of filters are generally used by campers, hikers, military, and some aid agencies may use these during their humanitarian campaigns in some remote locations. The main point of using these filters that they are small, easy to carry and lightweight; they weigh around 0.5 to 1.0 kg. These devices usually filter water by working a hand pump, but some use a siphon drip mechanism that forces the water through, whereas others are made into the water containers. Polluted water is pumped through a screen filtered silicon tube which is flexible and it goes through a special filter and goes inside a container, in the end. These filters are designed to block bacteria, protozoa, and microbial cysts; in general, it removes any harmful elements that can cause disease. From time to time, you may have to clean the filters or may have to replace with new cleaner filter and in case of ceramic filters you have to clean the outside if they are clogged with polluted materials. The work of these filters is to block the impurities, so do not confuse them with other purifying machines or chemicals that clean the water by killing the viruses.

Here we will basically discuss to particular portable filters, these are used by people worldwide and they are satisfied with their performances. The filters are mentioned below…….

 LifeStraw LSPHF017 Water Filter

This is an award winning filter that has been used by many people since 2005 worldwide. Mainly the users fall among campers and military.

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About the product

LifeStraw LSPHF017 unisex-adult Personal Water Filter 1

  • The LifeStraw is an award winning filter that has been used by millions of people.
  • The filter has the ability to remove at least 99.999 percent of bacteria from water and it even surpasses EPA standard for water filters.
  • It is able to remove 99.9 percent of protozoan parasites from the water which is commendable for a water filter of this size.
  • Without the use of iodine, chlorine and other harmful chemicals the filter can remove pollution from 1000 liters of water and make it safe for drinking instantly. This reliability is unparalleled and cannot be matched by anything out there.
  • The filter comes in a sealed bag, so you can store it for a long time and use it again in case of emergencies.

LifeStraw LSPHF017 unisex-adult Personal Water Filter 2

This filter is the Time Magazine’s Invention of the year winner, it does not use any chemicals, does not use batteries. It has a high flow rate and the weight is within 1.0 kg. It is a fine filter to use in case of emergencies. It is easy to carry, perfect for lightweight camping trip even for a family vacation in a remote location. Though there are lots of water filters in the market but LifeStraw is simply the best you can get and probably the best your money can buy. The testing done on this product is immense and it has proved itself every time. Though there is some lack of filtration while working on chemicals but it is negligible. LifeStraw offers easy access to clean and safe drinking water anywhere!  

Etekcity 1500L Personal Water Filter

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Etekcity is also a good quality filter on the market, it has an antibacterial carbon filter and it removes harmful elements from your water so that you can drink it safely anywhere. The name personal water filter is justified with the features it offers. It really helps to get the best drinking water available anytime which is perfectly fit to drink.

About the product
  • Equipped with a proper fiber UF membrane which is hollow.
  • It comes with an antibacterial carbon filter that removes Coli bacillus, legionella, ions especially heavy metals, VOC, and various types of contaminants;
  • It comes in a water bag so you can carry it safely to any destination making it one of the most portable water purifiers in the market.
  • There is a pre-filter installed inside for some extra filtration when the need arises. This pre-filter can be the ultimate life saver as it offers that extra protection every time.
  • You can easily attach hydration reservoirs to increase water carrying capacity so as to increase the convenience and the overall usability of the product.
  • The nozzle cap of the filter is very tight, you have to push it to open the whole thing, do not pull it with force.
  • The filter has a two-year warranty making it very desirable.

Etekcity 1500L Personal Water Filter 1

By using this filter, you will have easy access to clean and drinkable water anywhere and anytime. It is a perfect device for frequent campers, hunters and for emergencies such as natural disasters. This filter consists of a double filtration system and the capacity of the filter is around 1500 liters. It removes any harmful contaminants like Coli bacillus, chlorine, VOC, and contaminants from the water.

In case of any natural disaster, the water filter straw will come in handy for immediate access to safe, drinkable water. One thing which makes this filter very desirable is that you do not need to store water to use this filter, simply dunk the straw in a body of unfiltered fresh water and drink safely. It is as simple as that. The whole filtration is extremely reliable. Though one sore point can be the slow filtration process but it is not something of a huge disappointed. You can easily live with it.

Etekcity 1500L Personal Water Filter 2

This water filter comes with extension tubes to further your reach to access clean water. So if you are looking for a survival filter with all the bells and whistles this is got to be it.

It is the perfect partner for outdoor hikers and campers. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or taking an extended trip on the road, the water filter is bundled with all the essentials for safe drinking.

Comparison between two filters

Before comparing these two superb portable filters, we would like to say that both of these are good filters and they have both been used by a number of people and they got satisfactory performances.

Both of these filters are lightweight and easy to carry portable filters. They instantly make water drinkable by removing any impurities and contaminants. But there is some difference between them which makes each one of them unique in their own terms. They are as follows:

  • LifeStraw’s water capacity is around 1000 liters whereas the capacity of Etekcity is around 1500 liters, it means that after purifying 1000 liters of water you have to clean the filter of the LifeStraw but in case of Etekcity the number is greater than 1500 liters. Though the capacity difference is nothing alarmingly high!
  • Both of them are hollow carbon filter tube that can filter water instantly. It means that in case of both filters you do not have to reserve water before purifying you just have to make contact with the water through the filter and drink it. So both of them scores similar here
  • If we look at the portability factor for the filters both of them are lightweight and small in size. You can carry it anywhere easily. But the Etekcity filter is a little lighter than the LifeStraw one. The LifeStraw one is a bit handy as it has some weight and as these purifiers will be used at rough times thus some weight comes in handy. Though it is completely a personal opinion and we know you may differ from this.
  • Before drawing the water you have to such the LifeStraw filter for at least 3 to 5 second to start the process, in case of Etekcity, the process starts instantly.
  • Both of the filters are able to remove any harmful contaminants including legionella, chlorine, VOC, organic and insect contaminants but the Etekcity cannot filter the metallic taste from the water. This is the most important feature. If a filter does not filtrate the viruses and the contaminants perfectly there is no use to even buying one. But here the question never arises. Both the filter offers effective filtration and shows their mettle in every section. But LifeStraw somewhat wins it from our side as we used both of them and we liked the LifeStraw filter better in terms of usability, practicality and the taste of the water after filtration.

For survival camping, hiking:

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Water Filter 2

Keep in mind that both of them are high quality portable filters, maybe there are some differences in quantities and in weights but they are grade A products. The filters are necessary equipment if you are a camper or a hiker, even if you are not, the demand of drinkable safe water is very high and this kind of filters helps us to get that virus free water anywhere and anytime. The positive point is that they are portable and lightweight so they are easy to carry. The filters come in sealed packets so can store them for a long time to use them for emergencies. The LifeStraw’s Time Magazine award has given it a huge advantage in sales whereas the Etekcity’s more advanced technology and its dual filter has made it very popular as it is extremely effective. We are glad that these kinds of products are still available in the market.

So, in the end, it is our duty to tell that water may give us life, but in these modern times, there are many chemicals and harmful materials in the water itself, if you do not filter it, your body may suffer from some serious illness, and then the life saver may become the life taker.

If you are not in your home but in an unknown place, where the source of drinking water is not trustworthy, then you can easily use the above mentioned microfiltration devices especially our favorite the super versatile and the ultra effective LifeStraw. It is not only very easy to use but also offers tremendous protection against any type of water contaminants. It can be fitted directly into the water outlets making it practical and usable in any situation. It will definitely protect you from Legionella, pseudomonas etc and other dangerous pathogens. So please take care of yourself by properly filtering your drinking water with potent instruments. These filters can be that life saver every time you use it! So what are waiting for go grab one right now as it is better to be safe than sorry!