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Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns


Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns 1Solar lanterns are a big help when you go outdoors for camping or any other purposes during the night. They also come as a help in decorating gardens and lawns. During festivals, nothing is better than a few solar lanterns hanging around your drawing room or your lawn and spreading the joy around. Most of them are lightweight and portable which allows them to be carried around anywhere you like and place them where they suit best. You can even carry them outdoors with you, and most of them fit perfectly in your bag pack. They change your lifestyle and become a part of your world due to its ambient and radiant energy.

Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns

Solar power is the future of next generation electricity. Companies are trying to transform their products to support green energy. Green cars are an instance to justify the above-said point. Moreover, solar powered devices are cheap and energy efficient and contribute a great deal to the environment by saving the valuable resources.

You need to choose the right kind of lamp in order to illuminate your house or outdoors. It not only should be energy efficient and bright but should also look good.

As the batteries are solar powered, they must be kept in the sun for at least 8 hours per day. If your backyard is shady, you can buy a separate solar cell and install them on your roof or someplace where there is adequate sunlight, and connect them to the lamp to charge them. It isn’t always possible to charge them and reinstall them daily unless they are portable enough.

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

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Luci by MPOWERD is an outdoor inflatable solar lantern. It has two solar panels at the bottom for charging. There are handles at both sides which are helpful to carry the lantern. The lantern can be turned on or off with a small push button at the bottom, between the solar panels.

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern 1The lantern is best suited for camping, as it is both, waterproof and inflatable. It is perfect for those who prefer outdoor adventures or even suits well for home decorations. It is very light weighted and can be carried anywhere. While using it, just blow air from the top and close the cork and it is ready to use. When shrunken, the lantern is less than a quarter of its size when fully inflated. As the lamp is solar powered, you can charge it during the day and use it during the night. The ten white LEDs emit a bright and steady light that illuminates the surroundings quite well.

Luci is the perfect blend of high style and high tech due to its sleek and portable design and its brilliant radiance with its waterproof feature. It is one of the best alternatives to candles, which may go off in the wind or in rain and will also burn out at the end of the night and can end your planned evening as well.

Luci is the perfect mood setter for a romantic evening at outdoors or at the backyard. It can also serve well for a small get together party in the lawn. May it be any occasion; Luci creates a mood and style for everyone to make your evening a perfect tailored made experience.

GO! Lantern By Bright Outdoor

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GO! Lantern is compact, portable and lightweight and can be packed anywhere while going out for an adventure. It can be used by inflating from the top. The best part is that it is waterproof, which means you can take it for camping, trekking, fishing or boating without worrying about damaging it by water.

The lantern does not need any cable or external batteries for working, thus is more hassle free. There is no worry for the battery to die out as it is solar charged. Even the charge stays for long enough, once charged. The battery included is of Lithium ion, which should be charged for about 6 to 12 hours in sunlight. The advantage is that you don’t need to worry about a plug point for charging, or a shop to buy batteries. Just place it under the sun and it’s done. It is as easy as that!

GO! Lantern By Bright Outdoor 1

The body is made up of a durable and waterproof material which makes it tough for outdoor use. But the strength doesn’t come replacing the style. You get the toughness, the strength and also the style to match everything in the same package.

A remote control is included with the package, which makes control easier. There are 7 lighting modes that range from bright white to SOS that changes the mood to different levels as desired. The modes can be changed with the Shift button in the remote. The other two buttons present are On and Off. There is also a power button at the bottom of the lantern between the solar panels which can turn the lantern on or off when the remote is lost.

GO! has the capability to light a whole dark room seamlessly, at least enough for camping. All the 7 color modes successfully change the mood to 7 different levels setting, 7 different moods for 7 different colors.

LiteFuze Mosaic Glass Rechargeable Solar Lamp

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LiteFuze is a piece of beauty, made with definitive care to bring you the specific elegant look. It is a lamp that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The masterpiece body is made of mosaic and glass. Both of the materials combine to give the light and shadow effect in the lawn or somewhere outdoor like the garden. The lamp has a rechargeable Nickel Cadmium battery which can be charged using solar power. Although Ni-Cad batteries are non-disposable, you do not need to think of disposing one because they work longer than you expect. The light is emitted by 3 LEDs that save battery thus, extending battery life.

LiteFuze Mosaic Glass Rechargeable Solar Lamp 1

LiteFuze is an example of excellent workmanship with the fine blend of mosaic and glass that adds a spark in wherever they are placed. This light features modern styling along with premium lighting which enhances the appeal of your home sweet home to a whole different level.

A special feature in the lamp is its night sensor switch. It can detect night and automatically turn the lamp on when night falls and again turn it back off during the day. It also has a manual On-Off switch that can be used to turn it on or off manually. The solar powered jar is beautiful during the day. At night, the jar turns into a spectacular light ball, emitting soft light around the place, setting the ambiance. It radiates a beautiful light that allows it to be kept at any places in the house.

LiteFuze is made of iridescent material that sparkles during the day. At night, it gives a beautiful bluish feel that stays all night long.

These lights are designed to hang and focus their lights downward. Due to the soft and ambient feel that the lamp gives, it can be used as Christmas lights. You may need more than one piece for your balcony to spread the light around. To know how many you would require, I would suggest you to buy one first and see if you need more. You can always add more, later to your collection.

Why Trust Me? 

I have been reviewing different products for quite a few years now. Previously, I have reviewed spotlights and HID lamps as I’m in filming business and have gathered quite some knowledge about different kinds of lights. Moreover, I have an enthusiasm for camping, trekking, and fishing, where you need portable lamps during nights. I also understand how important it is to have a lamp that is both portable and easily chargeable, and what can be an easier charging method than solar charging? I have been using portable solar lanterns for quite a few years, and in doing so, I have gathered much knowledge about their quality and features. So, I’m here to share my experience with you.

Most of the reviews you read are the impressions that develop in the beginning. These lanterns have a good reputation in creating that good impression from the very beginning. You can decide its pros and cons only after you have an in hand experience with it. Most lamps give away after just a few months due to extreme weather conditions. Again, it depends on your way of seeing it if it is good or bad. If you judge them on the basis of elegance, you may not be satisfied with them. It is unwise to judge a crow on the basis of its climbing ability. It’s not that they lack the elegance completely. A LiteFuze hanging on the lawn is elite enough that gives it the ability to be compared to the lanterns which are known for their elegance.

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