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Best Nail Clippers Review 2015


Using well-designed and well-built nail clippers ensure a smooth clipping and help tremendously in giving neat and clean nails. Cheap clippers that you can get at any drugstores out there can be very low quality sometimes, what with the blunt blades and flimsy handles. I have prepared for you few selected nail clippers that you can purchase easily online at a lowered price, and they offer top-notch nail cutting performance for both your fingernails and toenails.

Buying and Using Nail Clippers Correctly

 Many people do not think much whenever they go out to buy nail clippers. They would normally pick whatever that is in the store since for them, they all look the same and have no difference whatsoever when it comes to the performance. However, if you wish to have a nicely cut and smooth set of nails, it is crucial that you use high-quality nail clippers. Some of the common criteria of best nail clippers are:

  • It has sharp blades. The one from stainless steel material is far more reliable than nickel-plated Clippers since the blade remains sharp for many years to come.
  • The blades have proper and straight alignment. Low-quality Clippers have crooked blade alignment, and this can cause jaggedness to your nails.
  • Solid handle construction. Another sign of a high-quality clipper is the solid build. The handles stay firm and not easily removable.
  • Optimal size. A good and reliable clipper should be able to cut both your fingernails and toenails. However, you can always have two different sizes of clippers if you do not wish to cut them with a single cutter.
  • Affordable price. Obviously, a nail clipper should not break your bank account, unless if it has 24-karat gold.

When it comes to using clippers to cut your nails, there are several recommendations that you might want to follow. Most dermatologists and professional podiatrists, who know best how to use them correctly, will always suggest for you to be conservative when clipping. Try not to cut them too short. You want to avoid having accidents and ending up bleeding when cutting your nails. Keep the cuticles and surrounding skin safe and intact by not going in too deep. Plus, as far as the cuticles are concerned, you will be better off leaving them alone. They are there for a reason – it protects you from bacterial infection and water loss insulation. For the toenails, cut them straight and do not dig too deep into the sides. If you do, there will be an opened side, which gives an opportunity for an ingrown toenail to develop.

How Do I Test the Best Nail Clippers?

In my quest for finding the best nail clippers, I scoured the Internet to find the best of them all. I used the verified user reviews to learn more about the product and make my assessment from there. Since I care very much about how my nails look like, I am very particular when it comes to the material quality and the smoothness of the cutting mechanism. These two important elements ensure that I have a nice and smooth unit of nails. Therefore, the nail clippers that I have chosen in this article can give you the same precise cut. They require less effort to cut and give that satisfying ‘click’ sound.

Nail Clippers Reviews

 Since all of us have different types of nail or nail health condition, I have considered several decent-sized clippers that can fit well with your thick, fragile or fungal nails. Feel free to choose either one of them and purchase them on Amazon.com if you are happy with the build, cutting mechanism, and price.

1. The Best – Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

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Seki Edge is the best nail clippers on Amazon.com and is my personal favorite. It has an exceptional build quality and cutting precision. It cuts your nail nicely and evenly. The made-in-Japan nail clippers have sharp and consistent blades. It is very easy to use it to cut your toenails, which are normally thicker than the fingernails.Best Nail Clippers Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper 2 Plus, the stainless steel material ensures its durability. Unlike nickel-plated or chrome-coated clippers that can go out of functionality after several uses, the Seki Edge is the opposite. Many users complimented how durable the nail clippers. You can use it to cut your nails in the bathroom, and it can remain rust-free. The thumb level does not get wobbly and flimsy. The cheap ones can easily fall off and using such poorly-constructed cutter can be somewhat frustrating. You will not experience such thing with the Seki Edge Clippers.

At the end of the handle, there are two tiny slots. You can fit a small-width chord through it and attach it to a keychain to avoid it from missing.  It also does not hurt to have such a stylish clipper at home. One particular user interestingly called it “the Cadillac of nail clippers!” The body is shining, and there is a white sticker that bears the brand. If there is one thing that I wish the manufacturer could improve, it is to discard the sticker and replace it with an engraved brand. The sticker looks like it can come off over time. Nevertheless, with such aesthetic look, durability, and blade sharpness, it is one of the best. You will need to spend a little bit more than normal when it comes to the price. It costs more than $10, but I can assure you that it is a worthy one-time investment for you to make. You will appreciate how easy and fast to use it to trim your nails and even your kids’ nails!

2. The Runner Up – Mehaz 660 Professional Nail Clippers – Baby nail clippers

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When it comes to nail trimming, you can either opt for the normal lever nail clippers or the professional, plier-style clippers. However, level clippers are not totally amateurish. There are some professional clippers that you can use to get the similar nice-looking, salon-cut nails, and Mehaz 660 is one of them! It is my second favorite, and I have selected it to be at the second place after the top-performing Seki Edge Stain. The manufacturer of Mehaz is a well-known Japanese company that is also famous for its high-end kitchen knives.

The Small is model : MEHAZ 660 and the Big one is MEHAZ 662
The Small is model : MEHAZ 660 and the Big one is MEHAZ 662

Therefore, you can expect for their fingernail clipper products to display the same quality and performance. Mehaz is very durable with the brushed stainless steel body. The blades are fine and sharp. Some users loved how it remained sharp even after several years of usage.

The lever and fulcrum are also smooth to handle. When you push the level down and cut your nails, it gives a click sound that indicates razor sharpness. It comes with an additional file and clipping catcher for minimal mess. Just remember to keep the clipper at a horizontal position for it to be able to catch the clippings. You can then easily shake it off to release and dump them into the bin. There is another model that is special for the toenails – Mehaz 668. It is a little bit bigger in size. I discuss this 668 model in the section below. However, the Mehaz 662 is also good for your toenails because the size is bigger. To ensure that this Mehaz clipper last long, you can dip it in disinfectant liquid. The steel material keeps it safe from rusting. Purchase it on Amazon.com at a cost below than $10 and see how great and safe it feels to trim your nails with this Mehaz 660 clipper.

3. The One that Provides Ease of Use – Mehaz 668 Professional Toenail Clippers

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It is another model of Mehaz clippers that focuses more on providing ease of use, especially for toenails trimming. The Mehaz 668 Professional Toenail Clipper might feature a striking, soft baby-blue exterior look, but it has a tough design that can cut the thickest and the hardest toenails. The stainless steel blades have a wide jaw that can fit into your nails. The properly-aligned razor blades can trim your nails with precision. Unlike normal clippers with curved blades, this particular one has a straight blade. It is ideal for your toenails, but not necessarily for your fingernails. It results in a nicely-trimmed set of nails on your feet. Sometimes, cutting the nails can be quite a hassle, and you will need to put more force for the blades to cut them through. However, with Mehaz 668, it requires less effort from your hand. It is very easy to hold, thanks to the ergonomic design and non-slip blue handle.

There is also a nail file on the handler for you to smooth down rough edges. The catcher is also available to catch the clippings. However, some users complained about the angle of the blade that prevents the clippings from falling nicely into the catcher. The clippings would eject at the front right and end on the floor, instead of in the catcher. However, with a proper positioning, you can still find your way around it and have the clippings to fall it nicely inside it. Overall, it is my favorite clipper for my toenails. It is big, has a wide enough jaw opening, and sharp, reliable blades than make toenails trimming a pleasant and effortless chore. Remember to purchase it online at Amazon.com to entitle to the lifetime guarantee offered by Mehaz.

4. The One With A Big Size – KlipPro Nail Clipper

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It is another stainless-steel clipper that looks shiny and nice, and it screams durability. With 3-inch of length, it is an all-in-one clipper that you can use for your fingernails and toenails. Even with the long length, it still has a bearable weight. Holding it in a single hand should not be a problem for you.Best Nail Clippers KlipPro Best Large Nail Clipper for Fingernails or Toenails 2 It feels comfortable in your hand, and the solid build enhances the user experience further. The great leverage makes the clipping easy and smooth. With big jaw opening at 4 millimeters, the KlipPro can fit any standard nails and toenails. It has a curved blade. If you are to trim your toenails, you can manage it by cutting the middle part first and do not go in too deep at the sides. You want to avoid from having an ingrown nail. For smoother trimming, you may opt for another model with straight blades, which is the KP-200L KlipPro Straight Edge Clipper.

In the inside part of the clipper, there is an integrated nail file. The clipper gives you a single device that can trim and file without any hassle. It does a good job in rounding off jagged edges. Most importantly, the blades are very sharp. It makes cutting quick and effortless. I highly recommend the KlipPro clippers for those who have thick, fungal infected nails. It breaks you free from any cutting struggle and accidents are avoidable. The last things you want to happen to your fragile nails are a bacterial infection and bleeding. The strong and solid KlipPro clippers can give you a clean and sharp cut, unlike other cheap clippers. You may purchase it on Amazon.com at a cost around $11.


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