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Best Mechanical Pencil

When it comes to choosing a mechanical pencil, it all comes down to preference and how it’s going to be used. There are a lot of great mechanical pencils out there; there are mechanical pencils that have specific features to suit your needs. We have come up with a number of mechanical pencils that you can use as an alternate to the expensive ones in the market. And Pentel mechanical pencils Graph Gear 1000 seem to be the best and cool mechanical pencils ever.

  • When it comes to choosing the best mechanical pencil we considered the price; is the product budget friendly? If it’s more than $10 then is it worth it?
  • The design; does it look cheap? Is it solidly built? What kind of materials did they use to make this pencil? Is it shock proof in situations where in it accidentally falls to the ground? Also, is it retractable so that it’s safe even in the hands of children? Does it have a special feature that the users can benefit from?
  • Ease of use, of course we always have to consider the comfort it gives to its users. Is the grip good? Does it strain your wrist or fingers? Does it come with a rubber or latex cushion for your fingers when using it? People with carpal tunnel or arthritis on the fingers will benefit from it greatly.
  • Lastly the usage, is the mechanical pencil for general use or does it have a specific purpose? Writing, drafting, drawing and arts? Office, home, school and personal use? Is it good and can it keep up with the use? Is it easily worn out?

Our best pick

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil

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This mechanical pencil was carefully thought of including the design and build. It has a chiseled metallic grip which makes it non slip; it also has a soft latex-free pad (good news for people who have latex allergies) which enhances comfort. This is a superior writing pencil which is also great for general use.

After carefully choosing and scourging the local department store and reading online reviews, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best mechanical pencil in the list. Compared to the other mechanical pencils that I have seen and owned, this one stands out the most with its performance. I have owned a couple of mechanical pencils from different brands such as Faber Castell, Dross, Pilot, etc), since we are looking for budget friendly mechanical pencils with outstanding performance, Pentel will takes the trophy.

Pros and cons of using this pen

  • The first time I held this pencil, it just feels right. The grip is good and won’t slip off your hands that easily. You won’t be embarrassed using this pencil since the design is very sleek and elegant; in fact it looks so nice in person and better than other high-end and much more expensive mechanical pencils that I have owned.
  • I would say that this pencil is one of the most comfortable ones I have used. It has a soft latex free grip which makes writing, drawing and drafting much easier.
  • It has a distinct feature which lets you hide the sensitive pen front inside the pen to protect and preserve it in the event that it accidentally falls. This pen’s design is really well thought of including the ability to hide the sharp and sensitive points of the pen to avoid it getting damaged. There’s also a hidden lead feature which makes the pen useless for children.
  • The adjustable lead type indicator is great for users who forget what type of led they filled it with, especially if you own different sizes.
  • Price is great for the quality and definitely worth every buck spent.

I would definitely recommend this mechanical pencil. Though it might be a tad expensive for a mechanical pencil it is totally worth it. This mechanical pencil has proven itself so efficient for me; the rotating mechanism works wonders and keeps the edge of the lead sharp and precise, great for drawing thin lines as well as writing. Didn’t slip once from my hands, but it did fall accidentally but it was still working great after. Solid build, great aesthetics and does what it’s supposed to be marketed to do without a cinch.

The second runner up

Uni-ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil Starter Set

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This is said to be the most “advanced refillable mechanical pencil”, this pencil has its good and bad points. The design features an exclusive and patented rotating mechanism which allows the lead to have a continuous sharp point, never a “dull” moment with this mechanical pencil. It’s great for writing, drawing and drafting with its advanced rotating technology which keeps your lead points clear and sharp. This only comes with a set which includes: mechanical pencil, two eraser refills as well as a pack of lead refills.

I find this pen works better when you aren’t writing in cursive since its design is made for writing in Japanese where you need to lift the pen several times. Overall though, this pen has its impressive points and its low points.

Pros and cons of using this pen

  • My friend has the Japanese version of this pen with its metal case; this one however is made of plastic. Looks quite bland and I find the grip better with the one released in Japan than this one.
  • Another comparison is that the rotating mechanism is quite noisy; the Japanese release is a lot quieter. The pencil is also quite bulkier compared to the Japanese version. I’ve read that the mechanism responsible for rotating the lead might get worn out if you mess with it, so I recommend that you keep this pencil away from children.
  • I write a lot and mechanical pencils are always part of my writing arsenal. One of my pet peeves when it comes to mechanical pencils is that the lead becomes slanted over time that it tears through the paper, it never happened with this mechanical pencil.
  • I use a 0.5mm lead but with this mechanical pencil it’s very precise and looks like a 0.3mm led in paper.
  • Aside from the plastic case, the grip isn’t too slick and I feel that it might slip if not properly gripped but other than that it’s quite comfortable to write with.
  • Due to design, it doesn’t allow the lead to retract so it’s not safe to store it in your pockets. You will always have the sharp edge protruding from the pencil so better store it in a case. The eraser is okay but quite small.

Good mechanical pencil but can be better. I just wonder why they didn’t make use of metal as with its Japanese counterpart. The “Americanized” version is okay but I think it’s better off in metal, I’ve seen the Japanese version of this and it looks sleek and feels nice. The ones sold in Amazon, not so much. However, the performance of this mechanical pencil is great.

Continuous writing for 3 hours straight, the rotating mechanism works great every time.

Also good options:

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PaperMate Mechanical Pencils Sharpwriter 0.7mm  – I would consider the first two in the list as my “luxury mechanical pens”, however, if you want a cheaper pencil to use every day then the PaperMate Sharpwriter will do. This comes in a box of 12 mechanical pencils for $2.99 in Amazon and uses 0.77mm lead #2, not the best for drafting. These are said to be disposable pencils so you have to discard them once they are used. The company states that this has a cushion point to ease writing pressure as well as reduce lead breakage. It also has a plastic pocket clip so you can easily attach it to your pockets.

Pros and cons of the product:

  • This isn’t one of those high-end lead pencils, as you can see it’s made of plastic and doesn’t have all those fancy features. It’s rather straight forward for everyday use.
  • These pencils are said to be non-refillable but many people have figured out how to refill these with lead. Just remove the eraser, then remove the steel spring and plastic stopper, attach the 0.77mm lead to the bottom of the plastic stopper and turn it until the lead comes in contact with the steel spring. Put the spring back and push it back in place.
  • Let’s go to the writing part. Writing with this pencil is good, nice point and control over the length that comes out of the pencil. I pull the lead out just enough for me to write without breaking the lead.
  • I noticed some people pull off the lead to much that it breaks during writing so I recommend that you pull out just enough lead in order to get precise writing.
  • Since these pencils are very inexpensive, I have no qualms about people borrowing it from me so I keep them on my desk and loan them to people who are looking for pencils in the office, they are quite impressed with it despite it being so cheap.

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Pentel Twist-Erase III Automatic Pencil – Pentel is a company well known in the school department with its wide range of products from standard to high-end. Their Twist-Erase mechanical pencils continue Pentel’s tradition to offering a wide selection of budget friendly products.

This mechanical pencil has a huge barrel that can accommodate 0.7mm medium line leads with an extra-long twist eraser on the other end. This comes in a pack of two pencils and can be refilled. It has a latex free grip which makes writing comfortable.

Pros and cons of the product:

  • It has a protective tip which helps stabilize the lead to keep it from breaking.
  • I like the price; it’s very affordable yet efficient and good for school, office and home use. I’ve had tested this out myself in the office, after hours of vigorous writing and erasing, the pencil proved to be a good investment. The lead didn’t get stuck; the eraser is long and eraser cleanly without tearing the paper.
  • Whenever I pick this pencil, it has a nice feel to it. The grip is good and I don’t have to worry about it slipping from my hands.
  • Even with the price, it doesn’t look cheap and the overall performance is great. I would say that this is a good budget friendly pencil that you can use anytime.
  • I recommend it for writing and not drawing or drafting since some people might find the 0.7mm lead to be too thick for their liking.

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Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Roulette Model – Uni has been a long time player in the school supplies field. Just like Pentel, they presence have been felt for a good number of years and offer lots of variety in the department. The Kuru Toga series from Uni-ball Mitsubishi (Yes, the company that makes cars), allows the lead to rotate while you write using a spring loaded clutch. The twisting happens whenever you lift the pencil up. This mechanism makes sure that the pencil always has that pointed tip and never gets dull. The lead size for this mechanical pencil is 0.5mm.

You can order this in Amazon for about $10.07; I would say it’s worth the price with all the fancy features that it offers.

Pros and cons of the product:

  • I have owned a number of mechanical pencils both cheap and expensive ones. It is quite in the expensive side but it does make up for it with great quality.
  • The mechanical pencil has a solid design and feels heavier yet nice to touch unlike other plastic mechanical pencils. You don’t have to worry about writing pressure since the weight of the pencil falls near the holding grip so it’s comfortable to use for long hours.
  • The holding grip is made of rubber or silicon and can wear out over time, but it may take a couple of months or years for that to happen.  It has a good non-slip grip which makes writing easier.
  • This pencil gives you precise and fine lines which would be ideal for drawing and drafting. Many of my friends have used this pencil and like me, they also agree that it’s great for writing.
  • This has a small eraser and it’s also hard to remove so you better bring an extra eraser with you.

See the review for Graph Gear 1000 by Pentel on Youtube:

Advantages of using mechanical pencil versus wood pencil

Both wooden and mechanical pencils have been a staple in schools, offices and homes. They are good writing, drafting and drawing materials but which is actually better to use? It’s really up to the user and their preference for using wood or mechanical pencils. However, here are some thoughts that might help you when you are still confused as to which kind of pencil to use. Of course, wood pencil do have a lots of advantage which Mechanical don’t, see this post on quora for more information.

Why choose mechanical pencils?

Mechanical pencils are superior to the wooden ones since they last longer. Some mechanical pencils have a rotating feature that makes sure your lead always has a sharp point. Let’s be honest, when you are in a test and using a wooden pencil, it would be a problem it the lead snaps, or if you forgot to bring your own pencil sharpener. Also getting a good sharpener can be costly. Who has the time to sharpen pencils during tests?

On the other hand mechanical pencils are very easy to use, just a little click and your ready to use it. It’s also safer since it can be retracted to avoid injury to yourself or getting your clothing stabbed and ripped.

When you find yourself running out of lead then it’s no problem as long as you bring spare lead for your mechanical pencil, just replace the lead and you are done. It’s very easy.

Mechanical pencils require less work and effort compared to wooden pencils. See this example about Mechanical Pencils perform double time on 3D printed.

Why choose wooden pencils?

Well, as they say, old school is better and has a better feel.  Though it may require more time and work to keep your wooden pencils; finding a good sharpener, making sure that the tips don’t get dull after several minutes of use, many believe that lead is better supported by wood and not plastic.

Mechanical pencil leads easily break and you have to replenish your supplies, wooden lead can be used to the last inch. While some people get easily distracted by the sound of sharpening a pencil, there are those that are annoyed by the constant click of a mechanical pencil especially when the room is quiet.

When it comes to safety, it’s really up to the person. Why would you put a sharp object such as a wooden pencil on your pocket? Store them on your pencil case.


In the end it just boils down to the person and which type of pencil he or she would prefer using. Both can be used for writing, drawing and drafting. Both offer lots of varieties from different lead widths to colors. For comfort it also depends on the person, while some like the feel of wood; others prefer the latex grip of mechanical pencils. As for the price, they also range from cheap to expensive ones depending on the brand of the pencil.

Writing usage and effectiveness

Mechanical pencils have replaced wooden pencils in most work places and many have found mechanical pencils to be easier and less hassle to use. Most of these pencils also have that eraser on the other end and a rubber or latex free grip for more comfort.

Office – A wooden pencil can easily be lost, plus without a sharpener it can be quite a hassle if your lead tip is getting dull, that’s why most offices now make use of mechanical pencils.  Mechanical pencils help save time and are more efficient for office use. You can easily store them in your pockets or place them on your desk.

No need to sharpen them, most mechanical pencils now has that rotating feature that sharpens the lead so it’s always pointy. When it comes to price, there are mechanical pencils that you can buy by the box and not individually and for general everyday use, cheaper when you buy in bulk than just one. You also don’t have to dread loosing these cheap mechanical pencils as well.

Drafting – Mechanical pencils are also great for drafting since they offer a large variety of lead, from thick to thin lead. Mechanical pencils offer a uniform and precise line as compared to regular pencils that differ in lines on how sharp the lead is and how far you have sharpened them.

They are also great to use for graphing and creating precise lines whenever. The beauty of mechanical pencils is that they don’t need to be constantly sharpened. You start with a 0.5mm line; you end with a 0.5mm line.

Arts and Drawing – When it comes to arts and drawing mechanical pencils are also getting competitive. While some make use of regular wooden pencils, others have chosen mechanical pencils due to ease of use. No need to constantly sharpen them, you can use different mechanical pencils with different lead diameters to suit your needs.

With my experience in mechanical pencils for arts and drawing, I would say that they perform and even excelled my expectations. They offer fine lines as well as comfortable to use even during long hours of drawing.

There is a reason as to why mechanical pencils are being made and developed my manufacturers aside from its aesthetics. They are easier to use; no need to sharpen, storing them is also easy since the tips can be retracted so you don’t have to worry about it piercing you or especially when they are in the hands of children.

They are made to be comfortable, most mechanical pencils are made from hard plastic or metal. Though some of the can be heavy, the support grip helps the pencil not to easily slip from your hands and the center of gravity to fall near the end of the pencil as to not strain you.

Office, home or general use, mechanical pencils are the way to go.