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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard In 2018


Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2018

Are you looking for the perfect keyboard to match your gaming speed? Are you in search of keyboards that are quicker and more accurate than the normal keyboards available now?

Whether you are a gaming fanatic or want your keyboard to function efficiently and look cool too, mechanical keyboards are ideal. These are mostly preferred for gaming because of their speed and typing accuracy, when compared to the rubber domed keyboards you see nowadays. And the mechanical models are much more durable too.

For best tactile response, accuracy and speed, you need to buy the best mechanical gaming keyboard. While the market is brimming with such gaming keyboards, not all can meet your specific requirements. We have made your task easier with our lineup of best gaming mechanical keyboards in 2018.

Before we see each one of them in detail, here are some buying considerations you have to keep in mind before you make your decision.

Buying considerations for gaming keyboards 2018

Mechanical keyboards for gaming have a special and unique appearance that makes them stylish additions to have. The lighted keys are simply awesome to look at. You feel like you are in real game zone with the lighting and the noise canceling headsets, even if you don’t actually see the keys when you use them.  So, here are the important considerations to look for


Anti-ghosting feature helps to keep the keys separate and without interfering one another as you type. The computer will be able to recognize each keystroke even when you press more than one key at a time. 

Mechanical keyboards are mainly bought for this feature. While for gaming it is sufficient if only a few keys are of anti-ghosting, in case of typing it is best if all the keys have the feature.


On an average, the keys of a mechanical keyboard have a 50 million keystroke lifespan. For higher end models, the lifespan increases up to 80 million. If you want a longer lifespan keyboard you should be ready to spend more money. If you spend less you may have to go for frequent replacements.


One major drawback with mechanical keyboards is they are very loud. But you can find a few that are silent too. For gaming, the noise is not a big drawback. But if you intend to use the keyboard in an office environment or work in an area that has plenty of people something quieter would be better option.

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Best pick:Corsair Strafe Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Corsair is well-known brand when it comes to mechanical keyboards. While the price is on the higher end, the quality makes it worthwhile. As we mentioned in the considerations, if you want your mechanical keyboard to perform superiorly, you have to spend more.

Whatever feature you are looking for in a mechanical key board, you can find them in this Strafe keyboard.  The keyboard features complete anti-ghosting keys, easy access to multimedia controls and great backlighting.

The mechanical keyboard has dimensions that include17.6 x 6.7 x 1.6 inches and it weighs 3 pounds. Manufactured in Germany and provided with a two year warranty, the keyboard boasts of the following features.

Attractive design

  • Corsair keyboard for gaming has red colored Cherry MX switches with special highlights including
  • Cross point contacts in gold
  • Contact closures are gold plated
  • Springs made of resistant and robust metal alloy

In addition to the above features, the keys have a splendid backlighting in brilliant red. The lighting is special as it can be adjusted to unlimited variations. You can either craft your own setting or select from the unique presets present.


The CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) takes care of the programmability in an outstanding way. You can boost your gaming experience with extremely set macros or by reassigning of keys.  With all keys featuring anti-ghosting, you can play as fast as you can and still have all the keys register effectively.


Corsair keyboard features 104 keys with all keys possessing anti-ghosting feature.  The key rollover on to USB ensures every press registers.

The multimedia keys are easy to access so you can make rapid audio changes during gameplay and other features such as pause, skip or play audio tracks can also be done efficiently with the keys.

Ease of use

The key caps are contoured and textured ensuring you get enhanced touch and maximum grip. The MOBA and FPS kits offer personalization choices. The USB inbuilt pass through helps in connecting USB drive, mouse and adaptor for wireless headset without interrupting with game play. The keyboard height is just right enough to eliminate the need of a separate wrist rest. And the LED lights on the side are very appealing. The tactile bump in the keys is what you expect of a mechanical model, but Corsair has a silent key model in the Strafe series that you can try, if you are concerned about the noise.

CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review


  • Cherry MX Browns Red keys are great to look at and work on
  • Attractive design that adds enjoyment to gaming
  • Cost effective price considering the efficient features the keyboard has
  • Wrist rest and key caps help in comfortable gaming
  • USB pass through enhances gaming experience eliminating interruptions due to the wiring.


  • Does not feature a pass through for mic or headphone
  • CUE software is very difficult to configure.
  • Noise is a bit annoying.

If you are looking to upgrade your keyboard or want to buy a mechanical keyboard for the first time, this is an ideal choice.  If you are mainly an MMO player you may not be happy about the absence of macro keys or dedicated extra key. However you can easily rectify this lack by setting macros for any specific key you need. Other than the minor drawback of difficult software, Corsair gaming keyboard meets with most of the basic requirements you look for in a gaming keyboard like speed, accuracy and durability.

Runner up: Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma – Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard with Individually Backlit Mid-Height Keys – Wrist Rest - Ergonomic Design

[amazonprice id="188"] on Amazon

Razer Ornata Chroma is our runner up in this list. Just when you think the mechanical switches are too outdated, an all-new range of mechanical keyboards have flooded the market targeting gaming enthusiasts. And the gamers are lapping it up greedily. Razer Ornata is one such model that stands out with its unique features such as Mecha-Membrane and ergonomic design and some of the regular features you see in the gaming keyboards such as backlit keys and wrist rests.  Let us dive into the features that have made it grab our runner up spot.

Razer Mecha Membrane

This is a unique feature of Razer Chroma keyboard. It is a blend of the best features of mechanical switches and rubber domes.

The rubber domes designed in the traditional keyboards and typewriters are soft and cushiony to touch. But they lack the tactile accuracy because of the mushy touch and also do not have actuation control.

Mechanical switches have the advantage of fast actuations. They also have good tactile response but when you are engaged in long gaming sessions using the mechanical switches can be tiring.

With the Mecha Membrane blend, the best features of the two types such as soft cushioning touch, and tactile and crisp click is made possible. This helps to type fast on the keyboard with every stroke being executed instantly.

Razer Gaming Keyboard review

Other exciting features in Chroma gaming keyboard

Faster actuations

The keycaps of mid-height design are custom made to reduce the response time for the key strokes. This helps in quicker execution. You can move your fingers fast and freely on the key with every stroke registering properly.

Customizable colors

With Razer Chroma support, the keyboard provides amazingly good lighting effects. The in game effects added are interactive ensuring you have an immersive gameplay with the keyboard reacting to the action in the game. The backlighting has about 16.8 million color options you can customize easily.

Gaming in comfort

Gaming is not a short affair by any measure. Hence, ergonomic features are important additions that a gaming keyboard should have. The Razer Ornata keyboard does not disappoint in this aspect. The wrist rest ensures you do not feel fatigued even on your most intense gaming sessions.  The keyboard is light in weight measuring just 2.1 pounds and the dimensions include 18.2 x 6.7 x 1.3 inches

Powerful performance

Whatever peripherals you are using that are Razer Chroma compatible, you can sync the devices so any color option you choose is shown in the whole installation. This results in a highly spectacular visual effect. Your mouse, headset and even the mouse mat will join in with your keyboard making the entire area alight ensuring you get the best gaming experience ever with all the bells and whistles.

Anti-ghosting feature ensures you do not miss a single key. You can effortlessly perform up to nearly ten commands simultaneously and execute each of them effectively with the ten key roll over enabled by anti-ghosting incorporation.

Now that you know about the features of the Razer Ornata here are its pros and cons:


  • Keyboard is made of sturdy material. It is thick and heavy making it durable
  • More precise control over the game with even the little taps registering effectively
  • Improved gaming skills because of extra responsive keyboard
  • The lighting effects are really trendy
  • The synapse software is very good and provides several possibilities
  • The mech- membrane keys are very soft and light to type


  • The wrist rest which is magnetic shifts periodically due to the magnet being very weak
  • Expensive price
  • Has  rubber dome issues that are common to earlier rubber dome models
  • Lighting is not even

Bottom Line

Featuring rubber dome and mechanical fusion Razer Ornata provides a unique design that is combined with excellent features like anti-ghosting, syncing all Razer compatible devices and faster response time. While it does have some drawbacks such as uneven lighting and weak wrist wrest, the advantages make up for the lack in more ways than one.

Also Good :Redragon Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard K552-R

Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard K552-R by Redragon 87 Key RGB LED Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Computer illuminated Keyboard,Blue Switches for PC Gaming Compact ABS-Metal Design

[amazonprice id="189"] on Amazon

While it is true that top quality products are on the expensive side, Redragon is an exception to the rule. This is the reason we have it in our list. The keyboard is designed to satisfy the needs of basic gamers including professional gamers.

Other than gamers, individuals who spend more time with a keyboard such as editors, coders, writers and more can splurge on this keyboard without feeling guilty about the cost. In short, the K552 is a reliable gaming mechanical keyboard that also doubles up as general purpose keyboard. It can even suite for your home office setting. Let us have a look at the features of the keyboard:

Design of Redragon gaming keyboard

The Redragon keyboard features 87 keys. All are customized mechanical keys of Cherry Blue type with great responsiveness, durability and longevity. You can find the keys offering medium resistance, tactile and crisp feedback, and of course the inevitable loud clicking sound that gamers can’t do without.

RGB feature in the keyboard enables LED backlit keys that are made of molding of double shot injection method. This results in a uniform and crystal clear backlighting. The injection molding also ensures the letters do not wear off. The lighting features including RGB rainbow colors, 5 lighting modes and 5 levels of brightness for the backlight. The keys also feature breathing speed.

Anti-ghosting feature ensures there is no conflict among the keys and all 87 keys are anti-ghosting enabled. This adds to the gaming performance.

Ergonomic features

The Redragon gaming keyboard has some good ergonomic additions too. It has adjustable rear feet that enables appropriate angle for typing. The keys are also of non-slip and splash proof build.


The USB connectors are provided with gold plating to ensure they are corrosion free and enable reliable connection. This results in faster gaming which is what hardcore gamers look for. The keyboard is made of ABS and metal alloy combination. The mechanical keys are mounted on the ABS and metal alloy plate. The switches are designed to withstand rough and heavy gaming.  With just 87 keys and an efficient design, the keyboard is very compact and space saving without compromising your gaming comfort and performance, even during prolonged gaming spans. The keyboard has product dimensions of 13.9 x 4.9 x 1.5 inches and weighs 1.8 pounds.


The keyboard is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista and XP. It is also has limited compatibility with Mac OS


  • It is very cheap when compared to  other similar models in the market
  • Mechanical keys are authentic and give the genuine clicking sound
  • The backlighting is optimal without being too bright as to disturb your gaming
  • The raised keys are soft and very responsive. They also make the keyboard look attractive


  • Works effectively for MX Blue starter use only
  • The fit and size is standard with ten keys less than the normal keys.
  • Absence of wrist rest because of less number of keys makes it tiring to type continuously during long gaming sessions
  • The sound can be irritating to people around you
  • The actuation force is less than the real Cherry Green key models

Bottom line

At the cheap price it is sold, the Redragon RGB keyboard provides more value to the money you spend on it. The aluminum and ABS construction, ABS keycaps, gold plated USB connectors and good backlighting all make the Redgrago a product of great value for its price.  Other than the small sized keys and lack of wrist wrest, the keyboard is an ideal choice for gamers on a budget. We do recommend it for the fairly good features and excellent pricing.

For Mac User :Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard For PC

Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard for Mac

[amazonprice id="190"] on Amazon

With a properly built mechanical keyboard, the key presses registering are a given thing. The keys are more tactile and are crisper. And most importantly they are loud, so are not suitable for use in a crowded office environment or in a conference for that matter. However when you are busy shooting infiltrators in your Call of Duty avatar, these keys certainly add power to the game. And since we have seen keyboards only for Windows users, we have chosen a best keyboard for Mac user – Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard. This has one unique feature not present in other mechanical keyboards. It is very quiet in operation. Is this really a criterion to consider? Let us see more about this product:


The outer design is very similar to the Windows version, except for the glossy finish. The Mac version is black and silver in color and with matte finish to make it sync with Apple’s present design.

The features in the keyboard are basic including 3 USB ports of 2.0 and a USB cable that is 6 feet long. The keyboard is propped up with the help of two legs underneath. 

The main design factor is the quiet mechanical keys. Even if the keys do make noise, it is not much compared to the din that mechanical keyboards make in general. The sound is just loud enough to ensure you hit the keys. The keys are sculpted, and beveled which is not seen much in the present day keyboards.

Comfort and performance

The Quiet pro keyboard has dedicated keys for adjusting volume including high, low and mute changes. The letters in the keys are laser etched, so you need not worry about the letters wearing off. The anti-ghosting feature and soft touch keys provide unmatched comfort without compromising the speed and accuracy needed in a gaming keyboard.   The keyboard dimensions include20 x 8.2 x 2 inches and it weighs 3.6 pounds.


  • Price is cheap
  • Faster, accurate and easy typing
  • Tactile keys that are not overly loud
  • The keystroke combos are already etched on the keys so you need not have to search for them
  • LED indicators on lock keys make it easy to identify
  • 3 USB ports help in more convenience
  • Aesthetics are compatible with Apple design
  • Switches have spring and have lighter touch


  • Foot pads are not even
  • Quality is not very good
  • Number pads do not have the arrow, home, page up etc. in them
  • Numlock is in line with the function keys, instead of in the second row

Bottom Line

Quiet Pro from Matias is a good addition to mechanical keyboard market, as it brings relief to those who cannot put up with clickety-clang noise of mechanical keyboards.  With the range of features the keyboard offers, Matias is certainly a force to reckon with, if you are looking for a Mac compatible keyboard layout. And the price is also another deciding factor that is worth considering when you want to buy the keyboard for your Mac computer.


If you are into serious gaming and are looking for the right mechanical board to complete your gaming set up, our lineup of keyboards is sure to help you with your quest. With every millisecond being of utmost importance in gaming, it makes sense to choose a keyboard that is fast in responding and is also convenient to use.

You don’t want to end up feeling fatigued and sore after every gaming session do you? While all the brands features in our list possess soft and cushioning touch and are made of top quality materials each of them have a specific characteristic that makes them ideal for a specific type of gamer or keyboard user in general.

For instance, if you are concerned about the loud noise, the Matias Quiet Pro model which is available for PC and Mac is a good choice. If you are on a budget, the Redragon is a good bet.

And if you stress on top quality and not on the price factor, Corsair keyboard is the perfect choice. So go ahead and choose the model that would keep up the tempo of your gaming and let you play nonstop without feeling the brunt of the gaming session in the form of sore fingers and tiredness.  Your search for the best keyboard is now easy with our well researched lineup. Have a great time shopping for the best gaming keyboard.

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