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Best Bbq Thermometer for Home Cook 2016


1. The Best Pick – ThermoWorks ThermoPop Super-Fast Thermometer Review

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Cooking is a very delicate task. It requires constant monitoring and periodic inspections. In cooking, some foods may even require temperature checking. Determining the temperatures of barbeque foods are quite necessary. It helps one to understand if the food is ready. Therefore, ThermoWorks brings you the best tool to check the temperatures of the foods on your barbeque. ThermoWorks ThermoPop Super-Fast Thermometer is specially designed for professionals and chefs. The simplistic and innovative design of the product and its durable construction allows it to last much longer than any other similar tools.


ThermoWorksThermoPop Super-Fast Thermometer

Built for durability and simplicity, it can handle temperatures around 300°C up to a certain extent. Its measurement range can cover temperatures between -50°C to 300°C. The product is very precise when it comes to the accuracy of the measured temperature. ThermoWorks ensures that the preciseness of the product will rest within ±1°C up to 120°C and after that the accuracy will range within ±2°C. It has a very quick response time. It only takes 5 to 6 seconds to produce an accurate measurement of the temperature. Its probe is 4.5 inches in length and has a diameter of 0.12 inches which reduces to 0.08 inches at the end. The meat thermometer is powered by a CR2032 (3V) lithium coin cell battery. The battery life is about 5,000 hours so no need to worry about changing batteries frequently. Aside from that, a CR2032 battery is already included with the product itself. In case, if you have forgotten to switch off the product, it has an auto switch-off feature which turns off the device after 10 minutes to save the battery life. Its display features large digits and backlight, which can stay on for 10 seconds. Its display can be rotated in 90° increments with a simple button press. This allows you to read the measurement within the display properly regardless of how you hold the device. The device also has a setting that enables one to view the temperature in either Fahrenheit or in Celsius. The thermometer is also splash proof, which gives it some protection against water splashes. The entire product has a height of 7 inches, a width of 1.8 inches and a diameter of 0.8 inches.


ThermoWorksThermoPop Super-Fast Thermometer

ThermoWorks ThermoPop Super-Fast Thermometer is overloaded with features that make it incredibly useful and user-friendly. It is both ergonomic and economic.

  • It has a very good and durable build quality and is capable of taking a broad range of temperature measurements.
  • The product’s reading time is super-fast and it produces very accurate results.
  • It is also water resistant to some extent, which is very useful for kitchen use.
  • Its display features a rotating option which is useful when holding the device diagonally or upside down or in any angle. The display also has a backlight to it. This feature is useful in low light conditions.
  • The product runs on CR2032 (3V) coin cell battery, which is quite cheap. It also has some power saving features which is useful for battery’s longevity.
  • It can also show temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • It also comes in several different colors.

Aside from all of its incredible features, there are some minor cons of the product. For example :

  • The product is not entirely waterproof, so it is not dishwasher safe.
  • Although the product can measure temperature up to 300°C, it cannot be left near extreme temperature for long as the product will melt.
  • The product’s accuracy changes from ±1°C to ±2°C, when the measured temperature is higher than 120°C.

With far more pros than few minor cons, the product is an excellent choice for professionals or serious chefs.

2. The Runner-Up – Maverick Wireless Meat Thermometer ET732

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Foods are one of the most important sustenance for living beings. It sustains our life. Aside from being a life supporting sustenance, people love to eat. They love to try new recipes that elicit their excitement while other people find grace in cooking and they think it as a form of art. Certain cooking requires occasional temperature checking. Maverick Wireless Grill Thermometer ET732 is a product that can certainly help you with this. It uses the help of wireless transmission to perform temperature measurements keeping the actual product from harm’s way. This innovative way of temperature measurement is really useful and safe. Any cooking expert will be delighted to have this product in their collection.


The use of wireless technology makes this device quite unique. It keeps the product away from any harm while taking the measurement of temperature. The device uses radio waves to transfer data wirelessly to the receiver. It is capable of monitoring temperature from 300 feet away. It has an inbuilt lost signal alert system, which alerts you if the signal is lost or the device is out of range. The device is also programmable. You can program the device to set a range of temperature. If the measured temperature falls outside the range you have set then the receiver produces beeps and flashes to alert you. The programmable settings within this device are kept intact even after the device is turned off.Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer ET732 The product can be used to measure temperature up to 572°F (300°C). Two food probes are supplied with this product. The probes are sharp and they are made of strong nylon material and are extremely resistant to heat. These can withstand temperatures up to 716°F (380°C). This is quite impressive and the fact that the actual receiver is away from the range of the vast temperature, the actual device is safe and sound and with the high-temperature resistance of the probes, one can also use them in ovens and smokers. The device also features a count-up & count-down timer to keep track of the time for precise food preparation. The LCD display of the receiver has a back light for use at low light conditions or at night.


Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer ET732The Maverick ET732 meat thermometer has several features available and thus it has several pros.

  • The food probes are built strongly to handle temperatures up to 716°F. This allows the probes to be used at high temperatures without having to worry about its durability.
  • The probes send data through the use of radio waves to the electronic receiver. The receiver shows the actual result. The receiver can work within a range of 300 feet. Thus, the device can stay away from any sort of harm and water issues.
  • One can also set their own temperature ranges within the device. Not only that, but the device is also capable of retaining the manual settings upon reuse or restart.
  • The product also has some built-in alert systems which are quite useful in the process of cooking meals.
  • The receiver can display the data in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Although there are several useful features available within this device, there are few cons that are needed to be mentioned.

  • The product is not waterproof. Though the probes are water resistant to some extent!
  • The measurement of the temperature may not be exactly precise.
  • The device also does not have pre-programmed settings for different recipes.
  • It uses wireless transmission and thus it will consume more battery power upon prolonged use.

Overall, the product can easily be regarded as one of the best and the safest product out there. If you are into serious occupation regarding cooking then this product can really come extremely handy to you.

3. Budget Pick – Alpha Grillers Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer

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If you are into professional cooking stuff, then you will know that there are certain dishes that are needed to be prepared within certain temperatures. Most of the time barbecuing foods require episodic temperature checking. One cannot always determine the temperatures of foods without the use of certain tools. This is why cooking thermometers are required. These kinds of tools can help you to precisely determine the temperature of your dish and can prevent food from burning or being undercooked. Alpha Grillers Ultra-Fast instant read Thermometer is a digital thermometer which can be very useful for such tasks. It is one of the best products that is out there. It is quite renowned for its high precision and ultra-fast response time.

The device is very swift in producing output. It also provides a very accurate result. The device was designed to be such. This ultra-fast grill thermometer is capable of producing the result within 4 – 7 seconds after a readout. One can easily read the output, shown into its LCD display, in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. A button is present in this device to swap between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, which makes the device quite useful in many circumstances. The device has a very broad temperature range. It can measure temperature within the scale of -50°F to 572°F (-45.6°C to 300°C).Alpha Grillers Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer

Its wide temperature range makes it a good tool for taking measurements when grilling foods on a barbeque, deep frying in oil and even producing bread and cheese. The device comes with ahigh precision temperature sensor which generates a very precise result while taking measurements. Its accuracy lies between ±1°F for temperatures ranging from -4°F to 392°F (-20°C to 200°C). The product also comes with a detailed internal food temperatures chart which is quite useful for several different dishes or recipes. This piece of gadget works on an AAA battery and the battery is included within the package. It also features an auto shut off, which helps in battery saving. The probe of this device is 4.4 inches in length and is made of stainless steel, which has a pointed end. The probe can be folded into the device making it more compact in look.


This digital meat thermometer from Alpha Grillers is very utile for its accurate and ultra-fast output. It has several pros that makes this device one of the best in the market.Alpha Grillers Ultra-Fast Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer

  • The device can measure temperature up to 572°F (300°C). It produces output faster than most devices and is incredibly precise. It uses a high precision temperature sensor which gives incredible accuracy that most devices with infrared laser gun fail.
  • The product is very compact in size and thus makes it portable.
  • The stainless steel-made probe with tapered end does not make a mess while taking the measurement of the temperature of foods and is also very easy to clean.
  • Its power source is an AAA battery and it is included with the product. The product is also very economic.

Despite having several pros, some minor cons still remain.

  • The product does not have a back-lit LCD display.
  • Most of the product is made of plastic so it can melt away when exposed to higher temperatures for a certain period of time.

The product is very easy to use and is super-fast and has a deadly accuracy when providing the result. It has few minor cons but they are simply overshadowed by the great number of features available to this little device. It is cheap, fast, simple and a very accurate device and is a must for anyone, who loves to cook.


All in all, these are the three best cooking thermometers out there in the market and each of them has its own set of unique features offering everything for each one of you. Go for the Maverick Wireless Barbecue Thermometer ET732 if you want the safest bet.

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