Ironing is a very common process to remove wrinkles from your clothes. In this process we use a flat metal instrument called an iron, the flat surface is heated to a certain temperature depending on the fabric of the cloth to be ironed. It has a handle on it so that we can move it swiftly without harming ourselves by the heated surface. Through the ironing process, the molecules of the polymer of the fabric get loose and while the molecules are hot the wrinkles are removed by the weight of the iron. Even after the fabric cools down, it holds on to the new shape. Some fabrics such as Cotton needs a little bit of cold water to loosen the molecule bonds.

As the aim of ironing is to turn the wrinkled cloth into a well-shaped piece of fabric, ironing always has to be done on a firm surface which is why ironing boards are made. They are a small, portable folding table with heat resistant coating on the surface. There are also some very hi-tech ironing boards in the market that are fitted with a paddle operated vacuum which is able to pull the air through the board to dry up the cloth.

There are many types of ironing equipment used all over the world like ironing board, padded ironing board cover, ironing mat etc.

1. Best Pick – Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest

Our Best Pick
Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest
Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest
Our Best Pick
Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest

- Come in big size 49 x 18 inches, and even better with Extra-wide surface features.
- The heatproof material is a strong point.

$93.99 on Amazon


If you are having trouble ironing your clothes, Brabantia Ironing Board is your choice. It is a good looking ironing board and big in size so you will have more than enough space to iron your fabric easily and look fabulous every day.

Why is Brabantia the best choice?

Brabantia’s ironing board comes with a jaw dropping circular design. The size of the board is quite big, the working area is around 49 x 18 inches, making it ideal for accommodating larger clothes. The Brabantia ironing board also has adjustable height which varies between 30-38 inches. It is very comfortable to use and you can easily customize it as per your need. The iron is specifically designed to iron large pieces of fabrics. It is durable and sturdily built, but light in weight at the same time. It offers super stability and you can use the large working area without any difficulties. The 0.98 inches wide ivory frame of the board makes it more attractive. One side of the board has a pointy edge which is very much suitable for stretching out the legs of trousers, while the other wide side is designed to iron shirts and blouses. The board is fitted with specially made heat resistant cover for safety, so that if keeps the hot iron on resting position without reaching any harm to the board. The board is covered with circle-design cotton sheet, and the sheet is mounted to stay in position for a smooth ironing experience. As you are working with risk-prone, heated equipment, the Brabantia board is designed to guarantee stability and safety of the user. The board stays still when you are ironing your clothes even on a slippery floor. The board has an inbuilt child safety lock to prevent it from dropping suddenly on the floor! There is also a transport lock mechanism which makes it easy to carry around.

best ironing board 4


Brabantia’s Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest of size C is an excellent ironing board and it comes with some magnificent features which are very much user-friendly:

  • Brabantia’s ironing board is very wide in size which provides comfortable and convenient ironing to larger garments.
  • The ironing board has 4 different adjustable heights and excellent stability.
  • The ironing board is fitted with heat resistant cover so that the heated side of the iron does not damage the board.
  • The board is equipped with a transport lock which keeps it folded when it is kept in the store room or being transported.
  • The highly functioning child safety lock keeps it from falling down suddenly.
  • Magnificent design and great stability are the strongest features of this board.
  • It comes with a 10 year guarantee.


Although it is an exceptional ironing board, it however has a few drawbacks…

  • The ironing board really has some exceptional qualities but the above $100 price is just too much. Other brand price lists for your references.

This particular ironing board has overcome the usual shortcomings of the other good ironing boards to emerge as a great option. If you can just overlook the price tag, there is no arguably better ironing board in the market.

best ironing board 3

2. Runner Up – Laundry Solutions Ironing Board Cover

best ironing board

Runner Up
Laundry Solutions Ironing Board Cover
- I do alot of ironing so i like this one much with extra thick ironing board cover

- After purchased i'm happy , used for 6 months now

$17.53 on Amazon
The Runner Up
Laundry Solutions Ironing Board Cover
best ironing board
$17.53 on Amazon


When it comes to ironing clothes, Laundry Solutions by Westex Deluxe Ironing Board is one of the greatest in the market. It makes removing wrinkles from your shirt fun and easy.

Why is Laundry Solutions a great choice?

Laundry Solution’s ironing board is imported and comes with 100% cotton cover with substantial foam and fiber padding. The cover of the ironing board is made of pure cotton which is very soft and comforting. The ironing board has a triple layer coating for flawless ironing, even over the buttons and the seams. The size of the board is 15×54 inches and the thick circle-designed, grey colored cover has some elastic material in it so it fits perfectly on the board, which makes it excellent for ironing larger garments. The cover is made of good quality fabric as it repels water and all kinds of stain.


Laundry Solutions Ironing Board Cover is an excellent iron board companion, some of its great features are mentioned below…

  • The price is very low for a great item like this.
  • The cover is very comfortable to use, made of 100% cotton absorbing the maximum amount of heat.
  • It is protected with huge amount of foam and fiber padding, lasts a very long time.
  • The cover’s triple layer coating provides extra cushioning for attires, making it very smooth for ironing over buttons, stitches or similar un-even surfaces.
  • The cover is great looking, delightfully patterned with circles. It is grey in color.
  • The fabric of the cover repels water and all kinds of stain; looks new for a long time.
  • It has elastic on the borders, which helps the cloth to stay firmly in place during the ironing.


The ironing board cover by Laundry Solutions may be a great ironing accessory but still it has some unwanted features, which are mentioned below:

  • Despite the fact that it comes with elastic, the cover does not fit into the ironing boards of all sizes.

The Laundry Solution’s ironing board cover is an excellent choice but before buying you particularly need to measure the size of the board.

3. Also Good – Astar Magnetic Ironing Mat

best ironing board 2

Runner Up
Astar Magnetic Ironing Mat
- It fits perfectly on my washer

- Good quality but a bit smaller than i expected.

$9.99 on Amazon
The Runner Up
Astar Magnetic Ironing Mat
best ironing board 2
$9.99 on Amazon


Astar’s Magnetic Ironing Mat is one of the best in the market. It is sturdy, durable and easy to use. This piece of product makes ironing fun and easy.

Why Astar’s Magnetic Mat is a reasonable option? Astar’s Ironing Mat is very easy to handle. Unlike the ironing boards, you do not have to open a safety lock to unfold the board and, after some struggling, make it stable for use. But, even then, an ironing board leaves some chances of accidents as it may become unstable and suddenly fall down! As the board is not perfectly stable, you face problems while ironing and might eventually hurt yourself with extremely hot iron. Great thing about using an ironing mat is that you do not have to waste any time to unfold it and after using it you just roll it over or hang it anywhere. It is also safer as you can use the ironing mat in a different way by putting it on the floor so there would be no chance of sudden stumbling. The ironing mat is magnetic as it turns any metallic or flat surface into a virtual ironing board by exercising a strong magnetic force. The ironing mat can be used on any hard surface like on the top of washers, bed, tables, dryers or anything that has a flat surface. Unlike some other instruments you do not need a big house or space to use it; you can use it anywhere such as apartments, dorms and even in the RV’s convenient for travelling. As the mat is used for ironing, it is fitted with heat resistant pads that provide safety and wider work space than ironing boards. It is made of Polyester and cotton and its dimension is 32 1/2″ x 19 1/4″.


Unlike the ironing boards, the ironing mat is used only in households. It is the safest piece of equipment in the market for ironing that provides an extremely wide work space for comfortable ironing.

  • The mat is very easy to use and you can work on it without any worries.
  • It turns any flat or metallic surface into a working platform.
  • It is easy to store, after ironing just roll it over or hang it up.
  • The material of the mat is extremely good, a mixture of polyester and cotton.
  • Best thing about the mat is it turns any surface into ironing board so that you do not have to look for sufficient space to complete a routine household chore.
  • The mat is very convenient you do not need huge space to use it, even small apartments and rooms are suitable for this excellent mat.
  • For safety the mat is covered with heat resistant materials, so that the heated iron does not damage the mat while you keep the iron on resting position.
  • The dimension of the mat is 32 1/2″ x 19 1/4″.
  • The best thing about the mat is that, it’s affordable.


Even a perfect piece of material as this can have some features that may not be helpful.

  • The ironing mat is not as sophisticated as the ironing board. The ironing board separates the working space and the ironing is done on a hard surface; even then, the covers of the ironing boards are fitted with extra foam and padding so the extreme heat of the iron does not damage the board. But in case of an ironing mat, it does not provide the hard surface except for the cover itself; so most of the times it is very hard to use it on other surfaces like, for instance, a bed! Only a certain portion of the area is covered by the mat and if the user is inexperienced, the bed sheets may get burnt. Even on other flat surfaces like tables, it is certainly difficult to use the iron as the table is not designed for that purpose. Although the mat is magnetic, it would be very hard to find a suitable metallic surface in a house.

Overall , the mat is great for some situations.  If you are experienced in the art of ironing, this mat is the best thing you can get at a certainly low price.


All of the above mentioned products are one of its kind, and in spite of their certain unwanted features, they are extremely helpful. The ironing board is simple but sturdy and designed with every safety measures that come to the mind! The ironing board cover is excellent; it is made with extra foam and fiber padding and it is made with a triple layer of heat resistant material. The ironing mat is also an exceptional product, made of polyester and cotton and heat resistant materials and has the power to convert any flat or metallic flat surface into your work station.

Comparison Table

Product NamesBrabantia Ironing BoardLaundry Solutions Ironing Board CoverAstar Magnetic Ironing Mat
ManufacturerBrabantiaLaundry SolutionsAstar
Product Dimensions49 x 18”15x54”32 1/2" x 19 1/4".
Product Weight19 pounds12 ounces1.3 pounds
Extra FeaturesComes with child safety lock to prevent it from dropping suddenlyThe cover has triple layer heat resistant coating to avert over-heating or damage.The mat has magnetic properties to grab on to any metallic surface


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