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Best Grill Covers for Home Use in 2016


What to expect from a barbeque grill cover?

Outdoor grills are incredibly popular. They can be used for a small celebration, a picnic or can even be used right in the backyard of your home. But handling these grills can be very cumbersome. Some people don’t like to handle the grills every now and then and thus, they leave their precious outdoor grills on the backyard or in the garden of their house. But nature can be harsh on these delicate appliances if left exposed under the sun and rains! Poor weather conditions, seasonal changes can cause a whole lot of problems to your cherished grill machine. In order to protect them against those unavoidable hazards, grill covers are made. These covers are specially designed to withstand nature’s whims, protecting your barbeque grill from the ruckus all the while.

1. Best pick – Scala Home Gas Grill Cover

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If your barbeque grill resides outside of your home, you will probably need something to protect it from nature’s ravages. Therefore, you will require a protective case to envelop your barbeque grill in order to put it out of the harm’s way. Scala Home brings you heavy duty barbeque grill covers to protect your precious grill against any damage.

Why choose Scala Home Grill Cover?

Scala Home Grill Covers are made to last. Its durability helps it to withstand any weather condition with sufficient ease. You will never have to worry about your grilling machine being kept out in the open and not given the usual protection of the four walls. These premium quality covers are perfectly suitable for 58-inch grilling machines, making them perfectly fit to protect medium sized barbeque grills. Its durability comes from the materials used in its making. Scala Home uses only 600 deniers thick fabric to produce such covers. These fabrics not only make the cover durable, but make them weather resistant at the same time. Therefore, these covers provide a better and a long lasting protection to your grill machine.Scala Home Gas Grill Cover2 The fabric is nigh-impervious to flames, waterproof and at the same time rip-resistant thanks to the use of the super thick fabric which adds tougher defence against any untoward seasonal changes. The cover also features some extra storage pockets which are large and convenient enough to keep all the barbeque accessories at one place and away from nature’s harm. Be it a scorching day of summer or heavy rainfall, this safeguard provides the utmost defence to your machine and equipment. Along with its extra thick fabric, the cover also features double stitched seams which add a greater resilience to the whole cover. Apart from that, the cover also comes with padded handles, air vents and a drawstring closure which allows the cover to be tightened securely around the grill. More interestingly, the cover comes with a 90-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. You will get a 36 months warranty for the cover itself. The cover measures 58x24x48 inches, good enough to cover most medium sized grills.


Scala Home gas grill covers for medium sized barbeque grills come with several features and thus have proved extremely useful. There are numerous pros available for this product and a few of them are mentioned below

  • The grill cover is made from 600 deniers thick fabric, which makes it incredibly tough and durable. It is capable of withstanding bad weather conditions with apparent ease. The cover is built to last as long as practicable.
  • Besides long life, the material is also fire resistant to some extent as well as waterproof and rip resistant. Thus, the cover can withstand the onslaughts of almost every seasonal change.Scala Home Gas Grill Cover
  • The cover also comes with some large, convenient storage pockets that are very helpful for keeping grill accessories inside and with its immense longevity you won’t have to worry about the weather striking in.
  • It also features padded handles, necessary air vents and a drawstring closure to keep the cover secure and tight around the barbeque grill.
  • Apart from its durable built quality and features, the cover is also extremely easy to clean.
  • You are also getting a 36 months warranty on the cover. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it new, or even used, within 90 days of purchase and get a full refund.
  • The cover also supports most medium sized barbeque grills without much issue.


Being one of the best covers in the market, there can hardly be any issues at all. However,

  • The cover supports gas grills of medium size and thus is not useful for large sized grill machines. Before choosing the product make sure to measure the dimensions of the grill you use.


Scala Home Medium 58 Inch Gas Grill Covers are probably the best grill covers you can find out there. With so many features and few cons, these covers are the perfect defence for your cherished barbeque grills against inclement weather conditions.

2. Runner Up – For Smaller GrillChar – Broil Custom Grill Cover

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Shielding a grill machine becomes a necessity if it is left outdoors. Poor weather condition may end up reducing your favourite grill to a worthless piece of metal. Thus, you will need a cover to help you guard your barbeque grill against seasonal changes and the inconsistencies of weather. Therefore, Char-Broil has brought the custom grill cover to help you shield your grill machine for a very long term.

Why Choose Char-Broil Custom Grill Cover?

Although the cover is specially designed for Char-Broil’s 2-burner gas grills, this custom grill cover can still provide an efficient protection to smaller barbeque grills against tough weather conditions. This heavy duty cover is incredibly durable and tough enough to survive nature’s unkindest blows with relative ease. The materials used to make this cover provide some extra features that bring in greater benefits. The rugged heavy duty vinyl cover is quite durable and can protect barbeque grills for a very long time. It can also resist water, snow and provide strong protection against the wind as well as miscellaneous flying debris. Therefore seasonal changes will not cause any problem to your grill machine and at the same time can keep it protected, safe and dry. The inside of the cover is lined with polyester-based fabric that adds another layer of protection to the exterior surface of any barbeque grill. This allows the cover to protect the surface of the grill machine from internal scratches and thus helps the exterior of the grill to remain shiny and smooth. It also features side closure straps to keep the whole cover intact and tight around the grill. So you will not have to worry about windy days or stormy nights. Its exterior design also makes it very easy to clean. You can always maintain its outer shine by using vinyl cleaners. The cover measures 31.5 x 26 x 40 inches.


Most custom grill covers are made to ensure durability. But the following pros of Char-Broil’s custom grill cover clearly keep it a class apart in its category.

  • The grill cover is perfect for Char-Broil’s gas grills. It is basically made for such grills. But even then it can be used to cover smaller grill machines.
  • The exterior is made of heavy-duty vinyl, which allows the cover to be extremely durable so as to make it a must have in any weather conditions. The other materials used in its built also make it pretty long lasting. But you will be required to clean it up occasionally.
  • The exterior is also capable of repelling water, snow and is strong enough to withstand any windy condition without much of an issue. The cover will be able to protect your barbeque grill even against sudden weather changes or seasonal patterns.
  • The interior is lined with polyester based fabric and is useful for protecting the grill surface from minor scratches. As far as home appliances are concerned, such linings for extra protection against rough, day-to-day usage have to be appreciated. It also adds up to the longevity of the cover.
  • The closure straps, which are featured on the cover, keeps the cover tight and secure around the grill.
  • Maintenance of the grill cover is very easy. You can clean the cover using a damp cloth or you can use vinyl cleaners to shine the exterior surface of the cover.


Despite being one of the best products to protect your grill, there are a few points you have to take into consideration before opting for it.

  • The product is specially designed for Char-Broil’s gas grills. Therefore, it might not be suitable for every barbeque grills. You cannot expect a perfect fit for your grill, as it is specially designed for a certain type of barbeque grill. The cover is an easy fit for the smaller grills and thus larger or medium sized grills cannot be covered with it. So, before making the purchase make sure to measure the dimensions of the grill you use to avoid wastage of money.
  • The cover is not equipped with storage pockets and thus, the grill accessories cannot be kept inside safely.


If you own a Char-Broil’s gas grills, then these covers are by far the best option. With strong built quality and sturdiness to brave even the worst weather conditions, these are the ones you will surely like to use for keeping your grill safe and sound outside your house.

3. For Weber Grill – Weber 7107 Grill Cover

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With the availability of grill covers, keeping your barbeque grill outside of your house is not really a bad idea! After all, these grills are better suited for the outdoor environment. If you use them frequently, you may have to face some difficulties in case you prefer keeping it inside your home. Here, grill covers come to your aid and Weber 7107 Grill Cover is the one you can easily depend on.

Why Choose Weber 7107 Grill Cover?

The Weber 7107 Grill Cover is specially designed for Weber Genesis Gas Grills. The built quality of this product is very long-lasting. Given its extreme durability, it can handle bad weather conditions to a great extent and is capable of lasting pretty long even after that. It is made from 100% durable polyester fabric and capable of providing a long protection to your grill machine even through the most hazardous weather situations. Despite being very durable, the cover is very light in weight and thus easier to maintain. But its lightweight does not lessen its integrity to maintain a tough exterior structure. The grill cover also comes with a drawstring bag that has been sewn into the seam of the cover topped by a hang loop and a Velcro, to keep your grill cover into a safe place when not needed. The design of the cover allows it to hold the entire appliance inside it once the grill is covered. With cleverly designed features and durable built quality, this cover will help you to keep your grill safe throughout the year. The cover measures 44 x 60 x 60 inches and is perfectly compatible with Weber Genesis Gas Grills.


The Weber 7107 Grill Cover provides an innovative design mechanism, which allows it to do few extra tricks other than covering up your grill as already mentioned. Thus, there are various pros that need to be mentioned:

  • The Weber 7107 Grill Cover provides essential protection to any Weber Genesis Gas Grill. It is basically designed for such grills anyway. If you own these grills, then look no further as this is the perfect grill you can opt for.
  • The cover is made up of 100% polyester fabric, which is quite durable and provides a good amount of protection against raging weather conditions. Its tough exterior structure provides increased durability and lasts very long. Therefore, it is capable of going through the most rigorous seasonal changes.
  • The cover is also pretty lightweight. Thus, maintenance becomes all the more convenient.
  • But its greatest aspect lies within its ingenious design and features. The cover features hidden storage bag which is incredibly useful for storing the cover when it is not in use. A drawstring backpack is sewn inside the cover, which can be used to store the entire cover inside. It becomes invisible when the cover is utilised for its main function.


The Weber 7107 Grill cover may be best suited to Weber Genesis Gas Grills, but has certain cons which cannot be overlooked. The followings are some of its major cons.

  • The Weber 7107 is best suited for Weber Genesis Gas Grills. Therefore, it won’t fit perfectly with any other grills. In case you don’t have Weber Genesis Gas Grills, then consider opting from the previous ones.
  • Despite having cool innovative features, the cover does not provide a full-fledged protection against every weather conditions.


Having few cons really doesn’t take much away from this cool, innovative grill cover. The Weber 7107 Grill Cover is still among the best grill covers you can find out there for your Weber Genesis Gas Grill. All in all, you can trust Weber’s own product. After all, who understands one’s product better than themselves!

4. For Cole Man Grill – Coleman Grill Cover

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Keeping grill machines outside of the home without any proper protection can ruin the machine to junks. It is essential to install a grill cover in order to protect your favourite grill from nature’s wrath. Thus, Coleman unveils Coleman NXT RoadTrip Grill Cover for providing optimum protection to your grill machines.

Why Choose Coleman Grill Cover?

The Coleman Grill Cover provides protection to certain series of grill machines. It is designed to be used with Coleman NXT 100, 200 & 300 models and Coleman RoadTrip 9941, 9944, 9949, & 9949A grill series models. If you own a grill machine among these series, then this is the perfect cover you can get for your grill. The heavy-duty material used in creating the cover makes it extremely durable and long lasting. This apart, its weather-resistant design enables it to stand against any nature’s fury. It also comes with sturdy, adjustable straps which can be used to keep the cover in its place during a windy and stormy situation.


The following are the major pros of Coleman Grill Cover:

  • The material used in this cover is durable enough to withstand any weather condition very easily. The weather resistant design helps it to last longer than any normal grill cover. It can fight against most seasonal changes and is capable of surviving the worst ravages of nature.
  • The sturdy material is also resistant to crack, thus increasing its longevity.
  • The cover is equipped with sturdy, adjustable straps. These straps allow you to keep the cover tight and secure around the grill machine.


The Coleman Grill Cover is probably one of the best covers you can get for your grill. But there remain few major cons which are worth mentioning:

  • The cover is compatible with certain models of Coleman Grills and thus cannot be utilised effectively for any other grills. It is compatible with the following models only – Coleman NXT 100, 200 & 300 models and Coleman RoadTrip 9941, 9944, 9949, & 9949A grill series models.
  • It does not come with much innovative features or designs. No extra storage to place important grill accessories inside.


The Coleman Grill Cover is probably among the best covers for certain types of Coleman Grill Models. If your grill belongs to the specified series of Coleman, then without any doubt this cover will be the best choice you are left with. Despite not having any cool and innovative features, The Coleman Grill Cover does its job very efficiently and this should be enough reason to consider this product.

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