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The Best Drill Driver in 2016


The Best Drill Driver

Drill drivers are one of the useful power tools to have for professional handymen and DIY lovers. There are tons of options available on the market, and each one of them offers cutting-edge features and the latest technologies. It can be easily overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best drill driver for you to purchase. This cordless drill reviews is here to help you make your selection. We will take a look at several types of drill drivers, discuss the functionality and specs of each type, and make a product suggestion for you to consider.

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Why Do You Need The Best Drill Driver?

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There are several famous brands of power tools that you can consider. The manufacturers have packed their devices with new features, better torque performance, controllable high speeds, and increased battery powers. It is up to you to choose the one that can serve your needs efficiently. Finding the top performing drill drivers will help you to perform any types of drillings and driving screws quickly and reliably. Some of the trusted brands out there include Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, and Metabo. With these superior drivers, you should be able to drill just about any kinds of surfaces such as woods, metals, masonry or concrete. Take a look at the product we recommended below to see the drivers function and perform.

The Different Types of Drill Drivers

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There are three different types of drills. They are combi drill, drill driver, and impact driver. One category functions quite uniquely from the other. They have different features and capacities. If you need to drill into tough metals or concrete, the combi drill might be the best tool to perform the heavy-duty jobs. For average users who need to drill a metal or wood piece, a basic drill driver should do it, find more the difference between each types on this link video. With the right selection of tool and proper skills, the drilling job would be quick and smooth. Check out this guide further to know which brand and model you should choose. They are within affordable budget and have a long lasting durable design, all ready and powerful to serve your drilling needs!

1. The Best Cordless Combi Drill

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Combi drills are powerful drilling tools that can create holes in tough materials like metals, wood, and masonry. Since you will be using it for strenuous types of drilling work, you should choose the tool properly. Some of the important factors that you should consider are the accompanied kits and quality of the build. The casing, accessories like Chuck and interior compartments like the gear box should be of a high-quality material and sturdy. It is highly recommendable for you to choose the tool that comes together with metal chuck and metal gear box as they are very solid and can last for a very long time.

The additional feature that is available in a combi drill, which differentiates it from other types of drills, is the hammer feature. It adds additional blow power and allows you to drill into surfaces like masonry and stones. Most of the best cordless combi drills out there also comes with a variable speed. The minimum speed is two, and you can also get as high as three on several models. You can adjust the speed accordingly, depending on the nature of your drilling work.

  • You can use the low speed with high torque power to install screws into the holes
  • You can use the high speed to create holes in metals, woods, concrete, and masonry.
  • Best Pick – Metabo SB18LTX Cordless Impuls Combi Drill

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One of the best drill driver combo is Metabo SB18LTX Cordless Impuls Combi Drill. It is a compact and heavyweight drill that can perform drilling and screw driving tasks exceptionally well. The manufacturer has packed this particular tool with highly durable die-cast aluminum gear housing. It feels strong and sturdy in your hands and produces a strong spinning performance. It has a maximum torque of 110 Nm, which is enough to drill holes into concrete and hard stones. If you decide to purchase this powerful drilling tool, you will also receive Futuro Plus metal chuck with a metal sleeve. You can adjust the speed up to the maximum of two speeds. The overload protection prevents the motor from stalling and the device from overheating.

Besides than having a high-quality build, this Metabo Combi Drill is also easy to use. You will not face any difficulty changing the removable handles as needed. Plus, the powerful Metabo 4-pole motor produces maximum power. When turned on, it sounds smooth and has a great torque. It can drills up to 65mm in wood pieces and 16mm into concrete. With the Li-Ion 5.2 Ah battery, you can use this cordless drill driver for long hours. It is a great tool to use if you need to work and complete an extensive drilling project quickly. It does not take long to charge this Metabo driver, and there is a display that shows the charging status.


  • Requires two 5.2Ah batteries
  • 4-pole motor for maximum power
  • 2-speed gearbox
  • Low torque at 55Nm and high torque at 110Nm
  • Impact rate of 32,300bpm
  • Maximum depth in steel: 13mm
  • Maximum depth in wood: 65mm
  • Maximum depth in masonry: 16mm


2. The Best Cordless Drill Driver

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Drill drivers are the type of power tools that you can use to drill holes and drive screws quickly into metal or wood materials. They come fully equipped with adjustable speeds (up to two speeds) and several torque settings. Since it is more in a lightweight drill category, it does not possess high spinning impacts like combi drill or impact drill. If you need to purchase a drill driver, select a cordless tools one for a flexible movement. Choose the one with a high battery power by looking at the ampere feature. You should also consider the capacity of the driver. The torque setting is also important as it indicates the type of surface that the driver can drill. Choosing a low torque setting can prevent you from drilling the tough metal or wood surface.

  • Best Pick – Makita XPH012¬†Cordless Li-Ion Brushless Drill Driver

Makita DDF480Z Cordless Li-Ion Brushless Drill Driver

If you would like to use a compact and super lightweight drill driver, here is the best cordless drill for you to consider, Makita XPH012 Cordless Drill Driver. It is the ideal drill driver for you to use on your walls or any other workpieces. At an overall length of 185mm and weight less than 4.4 pounds, this particular model is very portable. It packs a brushless motor that reduces friction loss and it helps a lot in saving the battery capacity. You can use this drill for long continuous hours before needing to charge it again. When you hold it in your hand, you can appreciate the soft and textured handle. It gives a strong grip on your hands.

The Makita cordless drill driver comes together with an LED lightbulb. You can use it to brighten up any dim lit environment. The driver also packs a trigger for you to adjust the spinning speed. It can reach the maximum speed of 1500 rpm. At the low setting, it spins at 400 rpm. While this is not the most powerful speed, it should be sufficient for average drilling and screw driving jobs. For a high-intensity job, you might be better off choosing either the impact or combi drill suggested in this review.


  • Brushless motor for an increased runtime
  • Dust and drip proof casing design
  • Single sleeveless keyless chuck
  • Maximum depth in steel: 13mm
  • Maximum depth in wood: 76mm
  • Low torque at 60Nm and high torque at 115Nm


3. The Best Impact Driver

Impact Driver

An impact driver makes use of a hex chuck to drill into thick and tough materials. It applies the quick-release mechanism, and this feature separates it from the other two types of drills. This particular tool normally provides super high torque and impact applications. It is more powerful than the combi and drill drivers. If you are considering of buying an impact driver, make sure to consider the durability and reliability of the tool. Since you will use it for a heavy-duty drilling task, the tool should be able to withstand the high capacity task. The housing should be durable and can function for as long as you need. We could not help but present two best impact drivers in this guide for you to consider since they have an almost similar drilling performance.

  • The Best Pick – Bosch GDR18V-LI 18V Li-Ion Impact Driver

Bosch GDR18V-LI 18V Li-Ion Impact Driver

Bosch GDR18V-LI Impact Driver is the best impact tool that you can consider for your intensive construction or woodwork. It provides a high speed and delivers outstanding drilling capability. It can reach the maximum torque of 160 Nm at an impact rate up to 3,2000 bpm. Being powerful is not the only positive point of this device. It is also compact and lightweight. You can easily reach tight corners or edges with this small and powerful impact driver. You will also not feel a heavy burden on your hand when you use this drill horizontally or vertically. It also provides comfortable and firm grip, thanks to the soft rubber handle.

Some of the additional features of this power tool that you can appreciate are the LED lights. It turns on when you press the trigger. It is a great lighting source to have if you are to work on your project at night or in a dim lit room. Just like the Makita drill driver above, this Bosch Tools also offers an Electronic Cell Protection. It protects the tool from excessive usage, overloading and overheating. Overall, it is a go-to drill driver if you need to work on tough surfaces for a very long time and need to finish the drilling work in a fast manner!


  • Electronic Cell Protection to prevent overloading
  • Carbon-brush caps for easy maintenance
  • Maximum torque of 160Nm
  • Maximum impact rate of 3,200bpm
  • Hex bit holder size of a quarter inch
  • Shockproof


  • The Runner-Up – Dewalt DCF885N 18V XR Li-Ion Impact Driver

Dewalt DCF885N 18V XR Li-Ion Impact Driver

The next best impact driver that we would like to recommend is the Dewalt DCF885N Impact Driver. Manufactured by the well-known manufacturer, Dewalt, this particular device is another reliable drill driver to own. It is a professional-grade driver that is suitable for serious contractors or woodworkers. Just like most top performing drivers, the Dewalt driver is also compact and lightweight. It fits perfectly in your hands, and you can use it to drill and drive screws into many kinds of materials. It is also a perfect tool for you to use if you have to work in a confined space. The 6.25mm hex driver provides quick and easy changing. You can use a single hand to operate the driver.

Dewalt DCF885N is also powerful as it can reach the maximum speed of 2800 rpm. The torque application is also powerful at 155Nm. It can drive long screws into hard timbers or metals with ease. Plus, the Lithium-Ion battery can provide long hours of operation and does not need any long charging to reach the full capacity. You will receive a single multi-voltage charger with the purchase. You can use it to charge various batteries such as 18V, 14.4V, and 10.8V of battery packs. Nevertheless, there is a setback for you to consider. The price is a bit higher than other similar devices at a price above $100.


  • A part of the XR Lithium Ion Series
  • Aluminum front housing for high durability
  • Maximum torque of 155Nm
  • Maximum impact rate at 3200ipm
  • 6.35mm keyless hex driver


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This drill driver reviews guiding has given you all of the important informations about some of the best drill drivers available on the market. We hope this overview has helped you to make the decision. Consider the specifications and performance of each of the driver above and make the purchase based on your needs and budget!