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Top 3 Best Carpet Shampooers Of 2017


Most homes have carpets that are used as part of the interior decoration and critical accessories of a home. Some homeowners also have pets in their homes, which they hold so dear and are considered as part and parcel of the household. However, with these pets and children, the house becomes dirty and one of the first places to get dirty is the carpet. However, cleaning a carpet can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools and cleaning agents.

If you want to make your carpet sparkling you must use a carpet shampooer. However, not every brand on the market will help you achieve your desired results. That’s call for careful consideration before picking the carpet shampooer.

Apart from the carpet shampooer helping to have the work done, it must be the environment and use friendly. To help you navigate the market, we have picked and reviewed three carpet shampooers for the different use. Read through and pick one!


Before diving into the reviews, let’s discuss what you should consider when buying a carpet shampoo and also the benefits of using a carpet shampoo.

Shopping for the best carpet shampoo requires one to look for some outstanding features and quality.

This include:

  • Shampoos that are both consumer and environmental friendly. This is one the greatest considerations when shopping. Any brand you pick should not harm the user or the environment.
  • One should also look for a detergent that is effective and efficient and gives the best end results to the user. The main reason for using a carpet shampooer is to make your carpet clean and smell nice. If the shampooer shall not help you achieve these two basic requirements, then it is the raw deal.
  • Affordability and availability are another key consideration that one should look for in a good carpet shampoo. Pick a shampoo that you can always get to the shop and from a reputable brand.
  • Shampoo that can be used by both hands and machines and is not harmful in any way when used in either method.


Some benefits are associated with choosing the right and best carpet shampoos for your home. These include;

  1. A clean environment for both your family and pets. What’s a better than a clean house?
  2. The right shampoo gets to promote an eco-friendly environment and a healthy atmosphere in the house.
  3. It saves you money and time because of efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning detergent.
  4. A fast and efficient way to clean your carpet and upholstery.
  5. Your carpet will last longer.

Top 3 Best Carpet Shampoo Of 2017

Today, there is a lot of shampoos on the market that manufacturers claim can give you that perfect result when cleaning your carpets. However, very few standout and have been considered to give results that are not disappointing. We are going to examine a few best carpet shampoos and give an honest and unbiased review on their capability to clean your carpet in the best way possible.

1. Best Carpet Shampoo for General Use

Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro Deep Cleaning


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Bissell 78H6B is a market leader in carpet cleaning world. This shampoo is manufactured by a family owned company known as Bissell, which has had experience of over 140 years in the cleaning products industry.

This cleaning agent is made safe chemicals that are considered to be useful in all full sized carpets. Bissell 78H6B has also been laboratory proven that it can be used to remove strong stains and chances of recurrence are low because it contains Scotchgard that helps protect the carpet from such stains. When you’re using this shampooer you’re assured your carpet is safe and that your health is not being compromised.

This carpet shampoo has been scientifically proven to have biodegradable detergents that have no dyes, phosphate, and heavy metals that are considered harmful to the user.

There are many ways to use this shampoo to ensure you get the best results for your carpet. Before using the detergent, vacuum the cleaning area then use the recommended measurements of shampoo to water or your machines guide.


  • Apart from cleaning carpets, research has seen that you can also use this shampoo to clean your upholstery and chairs.
  • This leaves them with a great smell at the same time getting rid of those tough and stubborn stains.
  • Bissell 78H6B Carpet shampoo can clean a large surface area while using a small amount of the detergent. This makes it very economical to use when compared with other brands on the market.
  • It also offers a thorough cleaning power, which gives your carpet sparkling and look.
  • It is safe to use this shampooer with all brands of washing machines.
  • This shampoo has Scotchgard that protects the carpet from any future unnecessary tough stains.
  • High concentration makes it more efficient as one uses less soap when cleaning.


  • The unyielding smell is not tolerable for most consumers
  • It is considered to be slightly more expensive than other carpet shampoos
  • It is not advisable to use it when cleaning small areas, as it will leave the soap residue that will need additional cleaning.

The 78H6B Deep Clean Pro is therefore seen to be very efficient and a worth product to have in your home. Although pricey, the consumers have attested to the satisfactory results it brings out after every carpet cleaning session. Its excellent reviews have also proven that this shampoo is best for stubborn stains that are hard to remove with other detergents sold in the market.

2. Best Carpet Shampoo For Pet Owners

Kirby Pet Owners Foaming Carpet Shampoo-Lavender Scented


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Most homeowner’s own different pets like dogs or cats, and it is usually very evident they own these pets every time someone visits them from the smells that often come from their homes. The foul odors can be due to animal urine on their carpets that have not been cleaned well. Luckily, with the correct carpet shampoo, you won’t ever worry of smells and fur. You’ll stay with these four friends and it will always be easy to clean it.

The Kirby Pet Carpet Shampoo is an excellent solution to remove these kinds of odors leaving your carpet clean and smelling nice. This shampoo is developed by the Kirby Company, which was founded in 1920 and has over the years developed different cleaning solutions using the latest technological innovations.
The pet owners carpet shampoo is usually used in its dry foam to clean carpets thus no residue is left on the carpet that will need any after-cleaning. Its unique soil removal formulae help in the deep cleaning of your home’s carpets and the strongly fortified enzymes eliminate animal stains and odors efficiently.


  • The Kirby Pet Owners Shampoo is safe for pets and children as its ingredients are the consumer and environmentally friendly.
  • The active enzymes help in getting rid of robust and stubborn stains.
  • The carpet shampoo also has a fresh lavender scent that gives a new smell different from the pungent odors that come with pets’ urine.
  • It also reduces allergens that are associated with dust, pollen, and dander.
  • Kirby Pet Owners Carpet Shampoo is known to clean and brighten your carpets, while at the same time reducing over wetting of your carpet as it uses dry foam type of cleaning making it easy to clean your carpet.
  • It also deodorizes and cleans in one step leaving no room for dirt-attracting particles.
  • It dries quickly after washing.


  • It can only be used with some specific cleaning machines, which makes it impossible to use it if your carpet cleaner machine isn’t compatible.
  • Some people cannot stand the fragrance and can be allergic to it.
  • It cannot remove stubborn grime.

From the various reviews of the Kirby Pet Owners Carpet Shampoo, it is clear that this cleaning detergent gets the jobs done well and consumers prefer it for its user friendliness and its effectiveness in stain removal. The detergent is also easily available to buy, and it is also quite budget friendly. For a guaranteed stain removal shampoo on your carpets, this is definitely a great buy.

3. Best natural Carpet Shampoo

Puracy Natural Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo


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Puracy is a brand name that manufactures efficient natural household cleaning products that have been well researched and clinically tested for their efficiency. Their primary goal is using natural ingredients and fragrances to create formulas for their products that are environment-friendly, child and pet-friendly as well.

One of their most popular products is the Puracy Natural Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo cleaner which is a naturally concentrated cleanser that is effective in cleaning carpets and all types of rugs and upholstery. The shampoo is one of the very few natural shampoos on the market. The all-natural shampoo is non-toxic, and it can handle almost any type of odor, stain or residue that needs a thorough cleaning.

Administering this shampoo is relatively very easy as it can be used either by machines or by hand in the cleaning process. The shampoo has 100% satisfaction guarantee due to its healthy natural ingredients that efficiently remove stains. Also every time you use the Puracy Carpet Shampoo you are giving back to the society, as all the hand designed artwork on their bottles us meant to support upcoming artists in the community.


  • It is non-toxic making it very safe for your children and pets in case they come into contact with it.
  • It is certified as cruelty-free as it has never been tested on animals.
  • It’s all natural, and it’s professionally made ingredients guarantee rapid removal of all stains, odors and dirt residues during cleaning.
  • This shampoo is versatile and can be used with any brands in the market.
  • The shampoo has no added chemicals and metals that make detergents harmful. It has strictly natural ingredients.
  • The shampoo has been proven to be relatively safe for delicate fabrics and carpets, leaving them soft and in their original state without causing any more damage to them
  • It is safe for septic systems and made of biodegradable ingredients.
  • The Puracy  Shampoo is globally trusted as it has been developed by professional doctors and experts and tested for its efficiency and safety.


  • This shampoo is very foamy and forces you to use it in small quantities to avoid a lot of foam, which one hand can be an advantage.
  • They are one of the most sought after carpet shampoo for its multi-purpose functionality. It uses only plants and mineral ingredients making it 100% natural thus making it very popular amongst many consumers in the market.
  • The shampoo can be used to clean both natural stains and residue and animal or pet stains. Customers highly recommended this natural shampoo especially for its unique feature of being environment-friendly and has been professionally and scientifically proven to have no adverse effects on children.
  • This shampoo is a worth buying for that person that is looking for a fast cleaning, all natural, safe carpet shampoo at the same time ensuring that the homes cleaning needs are met.

From the reviews of the discussed carpet shampoos, it is clear that all have the same qualities and features that all consumers look for in any household cleaning product they may want to invest in. When looking for a quality and efficient carpet shampoo, it is important for one look out for various vital features that include;

  • Effectiveness and efficiency in stain removal
  • Pets and children friendly.
  • Environmental-friendly products
  • Fabric-friendly detergents that do not damage carpets or upholstery.
  • Versatility, where the shampoos can be used with any brands of cleaning vacuums or machines.
  • Economically friendly carpet shampoo such that you can use small amounts of the shampoo to get the ideal and efficient results.
  • Easily available and accessible carpet shampoos whether locally or online.
  • Easy to use carpet shampoos and as well as fast acting detergents.

The above-reviewed shampoos are just part of the top most sought after carpet shampoos in the market globally. Their unique features have made them become amongst the most used carpet shampoos in most homes.

The shampoo satisfaction guarantee has made them popular and highly recommended for home use and even other carpet cleaning uses.

All the above-mentioned shampoos can be purchased online on Amazon. So anyone looking to get themselves a good, reliable, effective and efficient carpet shampoo, that will give them the best result, should definitely get themselves one of the brands that will suit their taste and needs and they will not be disappointed.