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Best Bug Zapper Review


Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer review

I like camping out and exploring places, at the beach, the mountains, the side of a lake, anywhere is fine for me as long as it’s safe and I am in the company of great friends.  If you like going to the outdoors like me, then chances are you have experienced getting feasted on by bugs and mosquitoes.

I remember then when I was a kid, if you want to keep mosquitoes and bugs out during camp, there are mosquito repellent, lotions, oils, candles and then those smelly mosquito coils. They just keep those pesky insects away but never deal with the problem; sometimes my hands can dispatch those pests more effectively.  I was never fond of them no matter what smell it was lavender or what not, it’s irritating to my nose.

Now modern technology has made bug and pest control a lot easier with the invention of electronic bug zappers like stinger bug zapper – good bye smelly mosquito coils! Electronic bug zappers make use of UV or ultra violet light to lure mosquitoes to a charged grid where they will be dispatched effectively. If you wonder how they work, read this article long for how the light technology can kill effectively most of annoying bugs.

I’ve had a couple bug zappers over the years, bug zapper racket, bug zapper light, indoor and outdoor, now I will share with you the best bug zappers that I have come across with.

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What to consider when choosing a bug zapper

When choosing a bug zapper there are things that you have to consider as well, don’t just pick out something because it looks fancy. You have to know what you want in order to get the right bug zapper. If you are looking for an indoor or outdoor type, where you will use it, do you need additional features for it or will a simple one be enough?

Design and Structure

This is more than just the aesthetics but on the safety and how durable the item is. I also looked into the maintenance of the bug zappers and ease of use. A good bug zapper should zap the pests and not the person using it. Is it protected in case of accidental contact? Will it be safe to use with children around? Also consider where you will be using these bug zappers as there are bug zappers specifically designed for indoor or outdoor uses while there are some that can be used in both environments.

Range of Effectivity

I would refer this to the range of protection for these bug zappers. The bug zapper’s effectiveness can be measured in acres while others are in square feet. If you just want to cover a small area then get the proper bug zapper. If you want to cover a lot more space then shop for a bug zapper that can handle it.

Additional Features

Do you need a simple bug zapper or one that has additional features that will benefit you? For instance, there are bug zappers that can improve their effective range by installing chemicals in them. Others have a timer so you can easily set and then forget about it. Quiet bug zappers are also preferred by many while there are some that appreciate cordless bug zappers.


The price of bug zappers varies significantly with each manufacturer and the product itself of course. The more expensive ones may have a wider killing and more effective range or have better features. There are also budget friendly bug zappers, while cheap are also effective in insect control.

Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper by Aspectek

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Price: This bug zapper retails for $39.99 in Amazon. For a bug zapper that’s less than $50 I would say that it’s one of my best buys.

Design: The Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper has a protective cage to prevent electrocution when there’s accidental contact with people or pets. You can lay it on the ground or hang it since it has a wire chain for hanging. The power grid is good enough to dispatch mosquitoes and other pesky insects. I also like the removable tray, the electrocuted insects may accumulate over time so it needs cleaning. I like how easy it is to clean, just empty the bug tray and then wash.

This bug zapper is designed only for indoor use. It lures flies, mosquitoes and other insects to the grid where they are zapped so they are no longer your problem.

Range: I would say that this bug zapper is effective in cleaning and disposing of mosquitoes, flies and other insects in a huge room. I placed this in my open living room and I could hear insects getting zapped. After an hour or so the number of buzzing in my ears relatively decreased.

Features: It has no special features but the unit itself is very effective in getting rid of pesky insects within range.


  • Less than $50
  • Effective in eliminating mosquitoes
  • Minimal buzzing noise
  • Easy to clean
  • Grid is protected


  • For outdoor use only

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

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Price: The Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer is available in Amazon for $35.31, a good investment and worth the price.

Design: The bug zapper is made of hard plastic, very durable and is made for outdoor use. It has a non-clogging killing grid for easy cleaning.  I do agree with the non-feature as this bug zapper has killed tons of insects in my backyard without clogging up. Zapping noise is not loud, which is good.

Range: According to the company, this has a 1/2 acre killing radius which would be pretty impressive if it’s true. I placed this in my yard as per instruction and it was able to attract and kill lots of insects within range.

This bug zapper is specifically made for outdoor use so if you are using for an effective bug zapper then you should buy this. I like to have barbecues in my backyard and the mosquitoes and other insects can be a turn off especially at night. This bug zapper has made our barbecue nights more pleasant as it has been very helpful in eliminating them.

stinger cordless range

Features: No special features but is very effective in zapping those nasty mosquitoes and other pesky insects in a large area without fail.


  • Less than $50
  • Has a long range in luring insects in the area
  • Effective in killing insects
  • Non-clogging killing grid
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal zapping and buzzing noise
  • Grid is protected


  • For outdoor use only

Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper

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Price: You can get the Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper in Amazon for $29.97 in Amazon. Good enough price for an effective bug zapper.

Design: I like this bug zapper since its cordless making it more portable. You can also charge it; it has a 3.5 hour run time when unplugged. It uses a black UV light instead of the usual white UV light and it’s said to attract 40% more insects.

Range: This has a range of 625 square feet according to the manufacturer. It can effectively eliminate small and medium sized insects. A moth accidentally got into the grid and I had to remove it.

Features: This bug zapper is cordless, meaning you can place it anywhere without the hazard of tripping over a cord or getting frustrated when the cord doesn’t reach the socket. It has two settings as well as a lantern and as a UV/ killing grid. The lanterns are fairly bright, given that they are LED but nothing special about them. I use the killing grid feature more since this is the reason why I bought this item.


  • Less than $50
  • Cordless
  • Wide range to attract more insects
  • Effective in eliminating insects in the area
  • Grid is protected


  • The LED lights aren’t even that great in illuminating the surroundings

Elucto Electric Bug Zapper

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Price: For $19.80 the Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Zapper can be yours.

Design: If you want to do some exercise while zapping mosquitoes then the Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Zapper should do the trick. Joking aside, this bug zapper looks like badminton or tennis racket children might mistake it for a toy so you better be wary when you have kids in the house.

This is a more advanced, modern and effective version of the fly swatter. One swing is enough to zap bugs. It works on AA batteries. The operating button is located on the handle so you can easily turn it off or on when you want to use it.

On the downside, I would prefer an electronic bug zapper that I can just place on a surface or hang than this. Yes it can eliminate mosquitoes and other insects but it requires effort.

Range: Limited range as it depends on your reach. As long as it’s within your arms reach then you can kill mosquitoes and insects that come your way. It might be tiring in the long run but if you are oozing with energy and have nothing to do then go ahead and swat away.


  • Effective in eliminating insects that come in touch with the grid


  • Limited range
  • Limited power
  • Not as effective as killing many insects at once unlike the first three bug zappers
  • Not ideal for use with the elderly or those with joint pains or have issues with their hands

Features: No special features with this one. As I have said, this is a modern fly swatter that zaps insects instead of squishing them.

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